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We Moved! Come see us at 1515 Division St., Suite A - Eastern Market Detroit March 21, 2022 22:21

Well Done Goods production

Did you know we moved our retail store AND garment printing and production (ties, bow ties, scarves, pocket squares, tees, hoodies, hats), AND jewelry shop, AND warehouse AND customer service, AND order fulfillment....AND....even the cats!?? Whew! Tired just thinking about it.

Holy cats it's finally true, that move was quite the task! So if we've been a little quiet, well, that is indeed why. Moving nearly 20 years of art-making supplies sure is...a lot. We're getting settled in and our new spot is awesome!

Well Done Goods - ties and jewelry

We have a new, dedicated Jewelry Shop on-site where Bethany hand-makes all of the cufflinks, tie tacks and lapel pins from some of the coolest rocks and fossils on earth, and even from space!

Well Done Goods on Saturday

Come visit! We're so much more centrally located now; right next to Vintage Eastern Market.  Now you can tie one on with us and get your vintage shopping fix, all at the same time.

Bethany printing, Well Done Goods

It was hard, but we did it!

When working in the retail shop, we always said "we make everything upstairs!" but that was always a super weird, abstract disconnect because you never got to actually *see* the 4500 sq ft upstairs maker space where we printed all the garments.  You couldn't see our production studio with all the fun machines, and ink and messy things because it was hidden on an upper floor -- unless you came up to pet the cats. Now you can truly see how the sausage is made! We even have pass-through windows so you can view the making process.

Well Done Goods exterior

Our print production studio, jewelry workshop, warehouse, order fulfillment AND retail storefront are finally on the same ground floor, and even the dj booth is more interactive and not some perch in the sky!

Local to Detroit (or just visiting)? You can opt to collect your online order from our retail store! Select "In-Store Pickup" as your shipping method when your order is placed and we'll email you when it's ready to go. 

Not picking up an order? Come hang anyway! We have so much to see, it's a guaranteed good time.

Tues-Fri: 12pm-6pm; Sat: 9am-6pm; Sun: 11am-5pm

Well Done Goods
1515 Division St Suite A
Detroit MI 48207

Did You Know a Woman Really Landed Us on the Moon? March 10, 2017 14:58

Apollo 11 source code ties via github, printed by Cyberoptix

Guess what, we're still talking about more amazing women this week! While woefully underrepresented in the industry, psssst... also guess what? Women code.  And code well! And have been doing so for a long time!

Margaret Hamilton Original Apollo 11 Source Code

(Shown above: Margaret Hamilton with the code that she wrote for Apollo 11)

On July 20, 1969 the Apollo 11 astronauts succeeded in their goal, landing with near-flawless precision. Shortly after, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin took humanity's first historic steps on another world. And if you aren't aware, Margaret Hamilton is the engineer who got us there. She took humanity to the Moon.

If that’s not enough, she is also credited with coining the term “software engineering.” - Read the full interview with Margaret Hamilton on

Yes. A woman coder took us to the moon! How cool is that??!

Because we love all things having to do with space and to commemorate her epic awesomeness, we've printed an excerpt of her Apollo 11 Guidance Computer (AGC) source code used to program the NASA Command and Lunar Modules. This code was recently made public on Github. We hope this helps to raise awareness of all the women working in science, past and present.

Know of other ceiling-smashing women in science? Let us know if there's others we should feature!

Apollo 11 source code bow tie

We had a lot of fun making this important piece of history into ties and bows.  Next up, we hope to have this on a scarf too, very soon. Want a t-shirt?  I bet we can be convinced!

Custom Ties for WTRMLN WTR, Queen Bey, and Women Who Rock. March 9, 2017 14:20

Custom neckties for WTRMLWTR with retroreflective printing ink

In honor of International Women's Day, as we continue to talk about women who totally rock (its not a hard thing to do, really!) we’d like to take a moment to talk about one of the most fun custom projects we’ve had the opportunity to be involved with recently - not only because it is retroreflective printing ink on fuchsia, I mean how could that in itself NOT be fun?!?! But it gets even better!  Cool materials are great, but cool materials and hot company! Awww yeah.

We love doing custom work and love even more working with other creative, women-owned and funded companies. A few months back we collaborated with WTRMLN WTR to design and hand-print some pretty snazzy gifts to give out to their team and friends. Extra bonus? We love the product too (SRSLY, it’s delicious). We adore what they stand for in its ingredients and production, and the ladies involved are pretty damn amazing.  

Jody Levy of WTRMLN WTR

A much needed and refreshing change in the often wasteful food and beverage market, Founder and Creative Director Jody Levy explains that their company finds a home for what the industry referred to as “discarded melons” – watermelons to be discarded simply because there was a blemish on an otherwise delicious melon. (I think we should all recognize as a society that a few blemishes don't in any way take away from the real deal...but that's a whole other topic!)

"It’s all part of WTRMLN WTR’s mission to seed change toward healthier lifestyles and more sustainable food harvesting, one bottle at a time. The juice is pressed from ugly watermelon “seconds” that many supermarkets and shoppers pass over from cosmetic imperfections like sunburned skin or dented, misshapen rinds."  

We love working with amazing people, and we bet they sure do too! And extra extra congrats to them announcing their new, expanded product line today and having one seriously rad new business partner - Beyoncé!

WTRMLN WTR investor and partner, Beyoncé

“Congratulations to my partners at WTRMLN WTR,” said Company investor Beyoncé. “I applaud the innovative female leaders at WTRMLN WTR, who inspire us with their creativity and their true commitment to elevating our community and culture.”

BLNDS, aka the Hydration Squad All-Stars! The $3.99 “BLNDS” are available exclusively at Whole Foods for the next six months, with sales benefiting the Whole Planet Foundation, which gives micro-loans to female small business owners and entrepreneurs around the world. The BLNDS will expand to stores including Whole Foods, Kroger, Costco, Safeway, Wegman’s, Sprouts and Amazon. cool is that!!?! Rock on WTRMLN WTR and Queen Bey!!!!

WTRMLN WTR custom reflective ties, no flash and flash

In keeping with WTRMLN WTR's vibrant aesthetics and super hot fuchsia branding, we were able to match our narrow fuchsia tie to their existing delicious fuchsia hue and add in some extra bling with our retroreflective ink.  Above on the left shows the print in natural light, and on the right, with a camera flash.

custom retroreflective printed necktie

Let's get flashy!

What the heck is retroreflective ink?  You know the fancy pants reflective prints that usually live on your jogging shoes and safety gear? Now you can rock that shine on a tie!  The grey print on most fabrics, even super bright ones is very subtle until exposed to a direct bright light, led flashlight or camera flash. Be stealth... and then flashy!

Most logo ties are a snoozer. Need some hot swag for your work or organization? Check us out, we can make it happen.

Craft beer and hand crafted neckties go perfect together. February 10, 2017 11:30

Neckties that proclaim your love for this wheaty, malty or hoppy beverage are notoriously not so classy. It is our humble duty as tie designers to change that.

Our Beer Tie - a hops, wheat and barley botanical print design in both silk ($45) or non-silk microfiber ($36) is one of our best sellers ever. Craft beer brewing (and consuming) has exploded throughout our home state of Michigan and across the country, and it’s fans need something to wear to rep their interest with style; novelty beer ties are usually...well...horribly designed. Now that we've elevated the art of craft beer drinking, we think it's high time to elevate the art of beer tie wearing.

Beer print ties and scarves for wedding party

Got a hops and wheat themed wedding?  Hosting your ceremony at a brewery or brewpub? Got attendants, groomsmen, or a bridal party that can't get enough of the craft brew? Why not gift them a tie or wrap they'll be sure to wear over and over again, all the while always remembering how awesome you are for such a special day (and gift.)

ties for beer themed wedding

In case you haven't heard, bow ties are cool! Prefer a dapper bow?  We've got Beer Bow Ties in tons of colors!

Feeling extra fancy?  Don't be square, coordinate with a square! Of course we have Beer Pocket Squares too!

Hops and Wheat printed pashmina scarf
Ties not your thing? Don't fret! We've got some extra sudsy Hops and Wheat printed scarves!

4 Simple Tips to Help You Pick the Right Size Tie June 27, 2016 18:33 1 Comment

tie size guide, cyberoptix

“What size ties are in style?”

As tie makers, that’s one of the most common questions we’re asked. We get asked this all the time. The answer? The one that’s right for your body type!
Tons of different width ties are "in style," but said fashionableness depends on a few things. Buying one for yourself or a bunch of groomsmen in a wedding? Look no further, we're here to help!
The tie's size alone has nothing to do with whether it’ll look good on you. It’s all about proportion! Want to look your best? Here are 4 tips to consider that will help you select the perfect tie. Be mindful of the following, in order to get in the well-knotted CLUB:
1. Collar
2. Lapel
3. Use
4. Body Type

C-L-U-B.  See what we did there?  Now you can remember!
Let’s start with B first, as it is by far the most important.

Proportion Rule #1: Your tie should match your BODY type.

The length and width of your tie should correspond to your body size and build. Humans, come in all shapes and sizes, and we know they’re all equally beautiful! That’s why we stock 3 adult tie widths, 1 extra long length and 3 kid’s sizes too! Kid-size clip-ons are also perfect for our 4-legged companions, who look so cute in them.

necktie sizing guide, by Cyberoptix
We stock standard width (aka regular or wide), narrow width (aka slim, middle or modern cut) and skinny width (super, super thin.) We even carry an extra long length in the wide size in a whole bunch of colors!
So how do you determine what size tie is best for your body type? Were here to help guide you. Bigger, taller and “athletic" people usually look best with our standard width ties. They range from 3.5 to just under 4 inches. Thin to average and shorter shaped humans look great in our middle width, narrow cut ties; they each range from 2.5 - 3 inches wide. We call narrow our “Goldilocks” size - because it’s juuuuuuust right!  Our skinny ties, under 2 inches wide, are a favorite among much smaller humans with a slight build.
No matter what the width of your tie is, the bottom tip should always fall to the very top of your belt buckle.
Too much space between the tip of your tie and your belt buckle? Is your tie coming up a little short after tying the knot? You might need and XL tie! Extra-long ties are typically 4 inches longer than regular-length ties. Our regular ties average about 58 inches long; our extra-longs are about 62 inches long.

We love math: Want to calculate to see if you really need an XL tie? Add your height in inches with your your neck-size in inches. If the number is greater than 91 inches you should probably consider trying out an extra long tie. See? Easy!

Proportion Rule #2: Wearing a shirt? (We hope so.) Consider the size and shape of your COLLAR.

The size of your necktie’s knot should fill the empty space between your collar. Bigger tie knots require more tie, while smaller knots require less. Larger knots like the Full Windsor are are better suited for spread collars and semi-spread collars; they also work well with standard width ties. Button down and Point collars look best with narrow and skinny ties, and when tied with a smaller knot, such as the four-in-hand.

Proportion Rule #3: Wearing a jacket? Consider the width of your LAPEL!

Your jacket needs to complement your tie. The narrower your tie, the narrower your jacket’s lapels should be. Take a look at what you have in your closet and see if you’d be better off with narrow or standard.

Our ~1.5 inch skinny ties will look best with modern European cut suits. We recommend single breasted suits with one, two, or three buttons when wearing a with a skinny tie.

Proportion Rule #4: Consider the tie’s USE.

What kind of adventure are you going on? Work?  Play? Something in between?  Something fun or somber and serious?  And what are YOU like, does this tie fit your personality? 

Skinny ties are the most fashion-forward; they’re fun for going out and for risk takers looking to push the style envelope. Narrow ties are perfect for slimmer jacket silhouettes and lapels, and look great on most-sized humans and are appropriate for just about any event.  Standard width ties are best for larger people and those going for a more traditional look - they’re best for the office.

Finally, we have to mention, we here over at the 'Lab don't like rules, and rules are meant to be have fun with it, but feel free to use these tips if you're having anxiety about finding the perfect tie! You don't need tie anxiety.

An Easy Way to Make Your Wedding Even More Personal! May 19, 2016 12:11

Personalized initial print wedding neckties, Pretty Script, by Cyberoptix

We know how important it is to have the utmost in personal touches for your wedding. But don't you hate how crazy expensive that process usually is, and how you need to buy like a billion pieces at once to even make it happen? Well guess what?  Now you can get your custom initials, name, wedding date or any text you choose on just ONE tie!  One! No cuckoo set-up fees either. Need 50?...100? No problem, we can do that too.

We're now offering custom initial ties (not just one letter, but any combination at once) in the super popular handwritten style "Pretty Script" font. We have capital letters, lowercase letters, numbers and symbols. These make a perfect keepsake for groomsmen, wedding parties and any time you need to keep it personal. These are custom printed just for you, your big day, or that special guy that needs his name (or yours) on his tie. 

Pretty script font for custom names, initials, monograms or wedding dates on neckties, cyberoptix

As this is a totally new printing process, we're here to answer a few questions and guide you with the best way to select color.

So how much are they? One tie is just $39. We can also add your wedding date or message of your choosing on the reverse tail for just $10 more. That reverse necktie tail is a great place to get really creative. Add groomsmens' individual names, location coordinates of your ceremony-- the sky's the limit! (Actually, 140 characters is your limit, think tweet, short and sweet!)

How can you possibly custom print one tie for that price? Each is custom printed to order with our patent-pending dye-based process. This is not in any way a lesser-quality process than our regular screen-printed line, just a different process that lends itself better to smaller batches, and we enjoy passing that time-savings on to you.

What the heck is dye-sublimation? We use high-quality, non-toxic, "sublimation" printing ink. Sublimation printing is new -- the dye is ultra soft, completely permanent and merges right into the fabric! You don't feel it on the fabric at all like screen printed ink. There's no thick, raised, or textured feel. Just like all of our neckties, bow ties, pocket squares and scarves, each of our sublimation-printed ties is hand made right in our Detroit Michigan studio. 

Cyberoptix custom monogram wedding neckties, Pretty Script in pink

What colors can I pick? Many! Choose an elegant and sophisticated tone-on-tone print using a darker print on a lighter tie fabric, or a select a black print on a greater range of light to medium tie colors.

That sounds a little vague, so let's get you some help on choosing the right colors!

What are some proven color examples that will work? Below we've created some samples to show you how our printing inks behave on different color tie fabrics. We picked one set of initials and one wedding date to keep things easy to understand. It's important for you to know that our photos are not digital mockups, they're the real thing! Each is a real fabric and printing ink example. We printed on a range of red, yellow, green, blue and neutral tone color families in order to show you what works well with our new process. Short answer? Any dark color on light in the same color family works great!, what are color families? Think blue on blue, for example! A navy blue print on a lighter blue will work great.  

custom sublimated  initial monogram wedding necktie, navy blue on periwinkle, Cyberoptix

Shown above is a navy blue print on our periwinkle standard width necktie. Just say "navy blue print" when you check out and we'll select a good one that works well with the lighter blue tie fabric you select. This is a lovely example of blue on blue, but don't forget to check out our sky blue tie fabric, another that will take the print very well. If you have a Pantone number you'd like us to get close to for the print, we can do that too, it really helps us to understand exactly what you're after.

custom sublimated  initial monogram wedding necktie, hunter green on sea foam, Cyberoptix

Green on green is another great choice of a print in the same color family. Just make sure it is a dark green on a light green, as a light green on dark green won't work. Have a green themed wedding? Need to match that elusive David's Bridal "dusty shale"? Shown above is a hunter green print on our sea foam standard width necktie.

custom sublimated  initial monogram wedding necktie, gold on butter yellow, Cyberoptix

Yellow on yellow is also a winner. In case you haven't heard, yellow as a wedding accent color is probably one of the most-trending-est colors on planet earth right now (yes, that's a word because we say so). Here we've applied a harvest gold print to a butter yellow tie. See a pattern here?  A darker golden yellow on light yellow is in the same color family, therefore it prints wonderfully!

custom sublimated initial monogram wedding necktie, light yellow and grey, Cyberoptix

Now here's where we add a little footnote about what can be slightly problematic. Above you see the same, butter yellow necktie fabric, but with a smokey blue-grey Pantone chip next to it. See how the print result looks different than the Pantone chip, it shows a more taupe than blue grey print? That is the limitation of the new dye process. That butter yellow tie fabric color mixes with the printed dye. The yellow fabric shines through the blue-grey print, making the print look a little more brown instead, as blue-grey is NOT in the same color family as yellow. This is why we caution against mixing color families. If you're having a yellow and grey wedding and want a grey print on a yellow tie, please be advised it is going to be a warm, brownish grey, not a true blue grey.

custom sublimated  initial monogram wedding necktie, dark raspberry on dark salmon, Cyberoptix

Ok, now back to more successful color family examples! Pink on pink is another tone-on-tone winner. Love a strong pink?  So do we!  This is a dark raspberry print on our dark salmon standard width tie. We can print well on a whole range of pink ties, from the palest peach and ballet pink to the most intense fuchsia.

custom sublimated  initial monogram wedding necktie, black on raspberry, Cyberoptix

We said intense! You're not relegated to pastels and light color tie fabrics only - we wouldn't do that to you. Black printing ink works best on these darker and more vibrant shades.  Shown here is black on raspberry.  You can even do black on charcoal grey. About the only colors we can't do this process on is black on navy blue or black on black, sadly it just won't show up.

custom sublimated  initial monogram wedding necktie, black on silver, Cyberoptix

Of course black looks great on everything, and it looks especially good on its lighter friend, silver. This color combination is always a wedding favorite for the most elegant ceremonies, and for guys that just get totally freaked out about adding color to their wardrobe. 

custom sublimated initial monogram wedding necktie, tan on platinum, Cyberoptix

Classic neutrals are always a safe bet.  They're timeless and you're guaranteed to never have that what the heck was I thinking moment in 20 years looking back at your wedding photos. Shown here is tan on platinum. There's oodles of ways to make great color tone-on-tone palettes in neutral shades. Platinum, cream, champagne, they all work great!

custom sublimated initial monogram wedding necktie, dark brown on champagne, Cyberoptix

And who doesn't love champagne...or chocolate? Here you see them both together. This is another neutral tone-on-tone combo that is sure to please both mom and dad, and appease lovers of that vintage, rustic-chic look that is so on-trend right now. Just make sure to select a darker brown on champagne, not the other way around, as that won't work with this process.

Examples of what will *not* work: Any light-color letter on dark or medium fabric; like pink on red. Nope! Yellow on brown. Nope! White on purple. Nope! Or any different color, not in the same family like orange on blue. Nope! We'll spare you the art school color theory, just trust us. Again, this is a translucent dye-based process (think like how watercolor painting works). The color of the tie fabric influences the color of the printed dye itself.

Any questions? Please, please, ask! We apologize for the positively epic amount of words. Pictures are worth a thousand - use our photos as your guide!

• Remember • 
Dark dye on light fabric? YES! ✔
Light dye on dark fabric? NO! ✖
Black dye on light to pretty dark fabric? YES! ✔

You've learned the rules and have learned to love them...

buy cyberoptix initial ties now

BASIC Code Bow Tie on the Met Gala red carpet! Barry Diller + Diane von Furstenberg May 4, 2016 16:13

From it's origins stemming from the sickly glow of the cathode ray tube to the luminous glamor of the red carpet, our bow tie homage to 1980's Commodore BASIC Code is getting some serious tech love! 

barry diller cyberoptix met gala diane von furstenburg
Barry Diller and Diane von Furstenberg at the 2016 Met Gala. Mr. Diller wearing a Cyberoptix bow tie. Photo courtesy of Getty Images, Germany.

Featuring a flurry of silver, lustrous and futuristic looks, the fashion elite gathered Monday evening for the Met Museum's annual black-tie extravaganza. 

This year, the Costume Institute ball was centered around the idea of "Manus x Machina: Fashion in an Age of Technology," exploring the relationship between clothes created by hand (or "manus") versus the machine. - CNN

Barry Diller knows his vintage tech!  We're honored to have accessorized his outfit for the 2016 Costume Institute Met Gala, themed Manus x Machina. He and his ever-glamourous date absolutely killed it with their ensemble!!! Ms. von Furstenberg's technicolor butterflies are one of the most talked-about looks of the entire event.  We are overjoyed with this pairing! Thank you so much, Mr. Diller!

Cyberoptix c64 BASIC Code bow tie, as worn by Barry Diller, DVF Met Gala 2016

See the c64 BASIC Code Bow Tie in even more detail right here, printed in an array of CRT monitor color combos.  Mr. Diller wore exactly what is shown here above, mustard yellow printing ink on black, echoing the classic look of the amber and black monochrome monitors.

self tie bow ties by Cyberoptix, c64 BASIC code print

More colors available too! L to R: Dark chartreuse on black; dark chartreuse on emerald; dark chartreuse on olive; ice on french blue; ice on black. Hand-printed in our Detroit studio.
Barry Diller Cyberoptix bow tie Met Gala 2016
Barry Diller & Diane von Furstenberg at the Costume Institute 2016 Met Gala. Mr. Diller wearing a Cyberoptix bow tie. Photo courtesy of Getty Images.

Pick up your tie or scarf order right in Detroit! April 27, 2016 16:15

Pick up your order at The Peacock Room!

Hey tie fans.  A little bird told us something...actually, a big brightly plumed bird told us some really juicy news!

Starting Monday, May 02, 2016, we're excited to announce our NEW local pick-up location right in downtown Detroit - a spot much closer and more convenient to you, and to our workshop! 

We're partnering with our BFF's at 
The Peacock Room Detroit for Peacock Pickups! Even more exciting?  The Peacock Room is open 7 days a week for all your freaky-immediate tie and scarf needs. And bonus? We can't even begin to imagine the other goodies you'll find in Rachel's incredible store.  It's super amazing!


The Peacock Room 
(Inside the Park Shelton, right next to the DIA)
15 East Kirby Street
Detroit, MI 48202

M-F: 11am-7pm | Sat: 10am-7pm | Sun: 12pm-6pm

I know, I know, but isn't parking there utter crap with the M-1 construction?! Nope! If you didn't know, it's almost done on that part of Woodard, and it's all done on the Peacock side! Yay! So no crap anymore. Hooray! But even better? You can also park for 2 hours FREE in the attached structure on Woodward with validation from the Peacock Room, -OR- or there is a 15-minute pickup zone right outside the door to The Park Shelton on Kirby. Easy peasy!

If you're interested picking up your order placed online with us at The Peacock Room, we do still have to process, make and deliver your order up to the store. Please order a few days prior to your desired pickup date so we can have it ready and transported there for you. We recommend ordering by Thursday afternoon at the latest for a weekend pickup, Sunday evening for a Tuesday pickup, etc.

If you'd like to pick up your order at The Peacock Room, please just let us know when you check out that you'd like to pick it up there (there will be a notes field at the last screen), and very importantly, when you need your order by. If you're picking up, we'll refund your shipping cost. If you miss the notes field, don't fret - just drop us an email after and we'll match your order up.

rust belt market

That also brigs us some bittersweet news.  After over two years, this weekend will be our last weekend up at The Rust Belt Market in Ferndale. Online orders placed through this week can still be picked up there through Sunday May 01, which is our last day at the Market. We had an amazing time there, thanks so much to Chris and Tiffany who run Rust Belt, all our neighbors there and all of you who came to visit!

BUT WHY ARE WE LEAVING RUST BELT??? Why on Earth would we do that?

Here comes the rollercoaster of emotions!

BECAUSE OMG OMG OMG OMG we're opening up a retail store in Detroit!!! Like, our very own! But that's all we can say on that right now.  But we promise it'll be rad.  We super promise.  We have to put all our energy and resources into getting our new shop set up, so we bid the most epic fond farewell to our friends at Rust Belt while we get the new space up and running. You'll probably see us there again at The 'Belt for a pop-up during the Holidays.

More infos on the exciting new digs once the ink is dry!

Help Bring Bob Moog's Story to Life: Exclusive MiniMoog Custom Tie & Scarf April 25, 2016 00:00

Help bring the Bob Moog story to life! ELECTRONIC VOYAGER follows Michelle Moog-Koussa as she retraces the footsteps of her late father, iconic synthesizer pioneer Bob Moog.

As crazy fans of electronic music and Moog, we here at Cyberoptix couldn't possibly be more proud and excited to partner with Robert Fantinatto and Jason Amm, the Director/Producer team behind the acclaimed modular synthesizer documentary, "I Dream Of Wires," with a new documentary feature, "Electronic Voyager."

In association with The Bob Moog Foundation, Robert and Jason aim to create a definitive and personal documentary about the life of iconic synthesizer pioneer, Bob Moog (1934 - 2005). Through the eyes of Moog's own daughter, Michelle Moog-Koussa - also a dedicated Moog archivist and historian - they'll be giving viewers an insight into the man behind the iconic Moog brand.

We’ve lined up an incredible selection of unique rewards for your contribution to Electronic Voyager’s Kickstarter campaign, including two KICKSTARTER EXCLUSIVE designs: A necktie and scarf that will only ever be released to help fund this documentary project. They'll never be for sale in stores or on our website, ever!

exclusive moog necktie kickstarter reward by cyberoptix


Pledge $65 or more

(The original classic 3-VCO monosynth, c.1970-1971)


Moog's ultimate classic synthesizer, the original Minimoog Model D, silkscreened on a tie (dove grey ink on black tie) by Detroit's awesome silkscreen apparel specialists, Cyberoptix Tie Lab. With this being a KICKSTARTER EXCLUSIVE, that means we'll print up the exact number of ties that we sell, and that will be the last of them! PLUS receive THE SATELLITE (thank you in film credits + website).

minimoog necktie, cyberoptix Moog kickstarter reward

"Cyberoptix Tie Lab's designs have been sourced from a range of unique, often techy, and sometimes even geeky, subjects. It was their amazing Roland TR-808 and Oscillator Waveform designs that caught our eye, and so we were thrilled when they agreed to create a special Model D tie for our Kickstarter. We couldn't be more happy with how stunning Cyberoptix's generous perk contributions have turned out, and hope you'll take advantage of this exclusive opportunity to show some Minimoog love at your next boardroom meeting, wedding, or night on the town!"

(Please note: As the film is being produced in Toronto, the prices listed here are in Canadian Dollars (CAD), not USD, so you're really getting much more bang for your pledge buck if you're located in the US or Euro-land!)

cyberoptix exclusive minimoog scarf, kickstarter reward

Pledge $95 or more


(The original classic 3-VCO monosynth, c.1972-1976)


Moog's ultimate classic synthesizer, the original Minimoog Model D, silkscreened on a scarf (silver ink on black scarf). With this being a KICKSTARTER EXCLUSIVE, that means we'll print up the exact number of scarves that we sell, and that will be the last of them! PLUS receive THE SATELLITE (thank you in film credits + website).

minimoog scarf, cyberoptix Moog kickstarter reward
buy minimoog necktie, cyberoptix Moog kickstarter reward

Both the necktie and scarf have an estimated delivery of nywhere in the world.

Once again: As the film is being produced in Toronto, our Reward prices are in Canadian dollars (CAD). The Canadian Dollar is significantly LOWER than the US Dollar and the Euro. $100 CAD is equal to $75 USD and €68 EUR, based upon the average exchange rate for 03/16.

The name MOOG evokes a revolutionary new sound and pinpoints an iconic era in the evolution of music. A true American innovator, Dr. Robert Moog is arguably the most important figure in the history of electronic music, with his invention of the now legendary Moog synthesizer. 

Electronic Voyager takes us on a sonic journey into the often unpredictable life and stunning brilliance of Bob Moog, a man who ‘fell backwards on a banana peel’ into the music instrument business, as well as the psychedelic world of the 1960s music scene. Bob unwittingly revolutionized the face of music, and birthed an enduring industry.

We're devoted fans of synthesizers and electronic music, with utmost enthusiasm for documenting electronic music's rich history. Together with Bob Moog's daughter Michelle, and in association with The Bob Moog Foundation, we have a core team that is absolutely committed to bringing Electronic Voyager - the fascinating and complex story of Bob Moog - to life. With your help to reach our Kickstarter fundraising goals, we will get to work ASAP to bring Bob Moog's crucial chapter in electronic music history to the screen. We are thrilled and excited to get to work on Electronic Voyager!

Electronic Voyager
 is being produced in association with The Bob Moog Foundation, with a portion of the film's proceeds going to the foundation. "The Bob Moog Foundation, a small 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, carries Bob's pioneering legacy forward to future generations with a mission, to ignite creativity at the intersection of music, science, history and innovation. We provide hands-on opportunities for children and adults to explore the science of sound through Dr. Bob’s SoundSchool and we are dedicated to the preservation of a vast array of historic materials in the Bob Moog Foundation Archives. These two endeavours will eventually converge in a future interactive museum, or Moogseum, online and in Asheville, NC."

Love our Kickstarter exclusive Moog Necktie? Check out our whole line of ties and scarves for the audiophile.  We have electronic instruments, waveforms and more!

6 Gifts Your Accountant Will Love: Tax Day is Coming Up Fast! April 4, 2016 18:03

cyberoptix accounting themed neckties, bow ties scarves & pocket squares

There are two certainties in life: Death and Taxes, at least you can look good for both? We don't recommend shopping for your own funeral yet, but why not at least look sharp on tax day? Yeah yeah, rolling out of bed in sweats is easier, but when you can rock one of these, how can you resist suiting up? We've been hard at work here at the Tie Lab, so we can present to you, our new balance sheet paper accessories, because you've got the Write Stuff. We dare you not to math-doodle! 

With tax day approaching, accountants have it pretty rough right now. Here's an easy way to say thank you for those countless hours of number crunching, how about Ledger Paper Necktie, Bow Tie, Pocket Square or Scarf?
Accountant self tie bow ties, by cyberoptix

Our self-tie bow ties are created in a series of greens that echo the color combinations found in old-school ledger paper, we invite you to nerd out and add one of these to your wardrobe, we heard it will really balance your look. Just give us credit for the idea!

Accountant neckties, ledger paper print, vegan safe microfiber

Shown above, we have microfiber (non-silk) neckties ($36) for those who prefer a more easy-care option, who has time for dry cleaning?!

Ledger Paper silk necktie, by Cyberoptix

For the silk purists, we've got you covered too. Our ledger paper ties also come in 100% silk ($45) and in two widths to suit any human's frame, standard and narrow width.

Cyberoptix accounting theme pocket squares 
If your necktie or bow tie needs a friend (or for those folks who refuse to wear ties) this print also works impeccably on pocket squares ($24). Ties need friends.  They do.  Trust us.

Not a tie wearer at all?  No matter what??? We'll stop crying....BUT, you still have a neck, and that's what scarves are for. 

Accountant Pashmina, bookkeeper ledger paper print scarf

Our pashmina scarves are great for both men and women, and come in two weights: Traditional weight and linen-weave. What the heck is “linen-weave”? Our linen-weave pashmina scarf (shown above in golden olive, $44) has a slightly waffley texture to it just like linen, but it's super soft and not scratchy at all. Linen-weave is also a little lighter-weight than our warmer, traditional weight pashmina. It is perfect for all seasons, our customers love it!  Both fabrics take the printing ink very well, it's just up to your preference and what the climate its like where you live.

Looking for a little warmer and fuzzier but still not too thick? Try our traditional weight pashmina scarf ($44), shown below in celery green.

CPA theme scarf, ledger paper print pashmina

Mom always taught us to say thank you. Delight your weary accountant, bookkeeper, CPA and tax preparer during tax season, we know they could really use a present about now. They've worked so hard to get those mountains of boxes and bags of ketchup-covered receipts together for you, and hey, they see what you really spend your money on...and how much you go out to eat instead of going grocery shopping...of course your secrets are safe with them, buy why not make sure they're even a little safer?

Atomic Prints for the Whole Nuclear Family! November 25, 2015 10:19 2 Comments

Cyberoptix atom print neckties

Good morning, science tie lovers! We've had so many requests for an atoms design from our loyal customers, we just had to make sure to sneak one more in before the holiday season for you.

Have a Nuclear Family? It's a perfect gift if you know someone studying nuclear medicine, atomic energy or maybe maintains a nuclear power plant in his or her spare time. Just love the retro scientific diagram shape? That's cool too! 

Repeating patterns work well on all tie shapes. This print is available in our regular standard width, narrow, skinny and extra long microfiber. Want to match Dad? It will even work on all our three kid-sized ties

We'll be releasing this on a bow tie too in just a few more days.  Interested in us up-sizing it to a scarf, we can do that too if you ask nicely!

Atom print silk tie

For you silk purists, we also offer this in both standard and narrow width silk. We've shown some favorites here in dove grey on black; light violet on eggplant and ice on french blue - but it will work well in just about any color way you can imagine. We're especially fond of tone-on-tone prints, but you can get cuckoo crazy with wild color combinations too.

Have a thing for mid-century, cold war era design?  We do to!  Here are some friends of the Atom Tie.
mid century sausages necktie

Atomic-era hot dog & fork starburst tie. A delicious tangle of intersecting atomic-era cocktail weenies and fondue fork-stars! This design echos the boomerang and kidney-shaped patterns made popular by Formica and Herman Miller in the '50's & '60's...except these aren't just shapes, they're WEENIES! Be the envy of every snappy dresser at your next cocktail party. 

Fallout Shelter neckties

Fallout Shelter print necktiesDuck and cover...your shirt! Winter feeling a little...nuclear this year? Prepare now. As you can see, the capacity of this shelter is zero -'re toast! Perfect gift for your beloved doomsday prepper, survivalist, military historian, cold war/atomic era enthusiast, mid-century buff, nuclear physicist, civil defense coordinator, vintage and industrial ephemera lover...the list goes on!
civil defense CD neckties

Civil Defense Survival Supplies Neckties. This kit held basic fallout shelter health supplies such as cotton balls, forceps, syringes, safety pins, soap...but sorry kids, nope..."no narcotics." For an authentic fallout shelter color combo, choose black on pale copper. Ammo-box and water container military colors like yellow on golden olive also look great. You can get creative with other colors too!

Cyberoptix on The Grommet November 24, 2015 07:30

Cyberoptix and The Grommet

Cyberoptix is honored to have a curated selection of our neckties and linen-weave pashmina scarves launching on The Grommet today.  Only 3% of products that go by The Grommet's scouts pass their rigorous selection process for design, innovation, sustainability and quality.


Each piece from Cyberoptix Tie Lab looks like a bespoke necktie or elegant pashmina scarf. But with a deeper look, humor and attitude emerge from the hand-printed, original designs.

While of course we're really excited about our launch today,  The Grommet also has oodles of other exciting things going on for the whole holiday season! When you Give Differently on, you support independent Makers and the values that their goods represent—like being Made in the USA, sustainable, handcrafted, innovative, and more.

In need of more than ties or scarves? It happens, we won't judge...I think we know where we're doing all of our shopping here at the Lab. Check out The Grommet 2015 Holiday Catalog! As they launch more Grommets in the coming weeks, they'll be adding even More Gift Ideas (Updated Weekly).


What would Satoshi Nakamoto wear? Bitcoin neckties, of course! November 10, 2015 14:19

We now have bitcoin neckties, bow ties and pocket squares echoing that beautiful golden color you love to mine, and stack, and ogle....oh  that beautiful, beautiful coin!

What better way to announce that every single item in our online shop can now be purchased with Bitcoin?!! We just had to make some ties about it, because that's what we do. Having a hard time finding places to spend your hard-earned/mined coins? Need to find shops that accept bitcoin? Have some virtual currency burning a hole in your pocket? It happens. We have a solution for you to put out that fire.

bitcoin accepted here, at cyberoptix

You make magic Internet money, now show the meatspace world how smart you are. Most people won't get it and will just think you have a cool little pattern on your tie. But you know better. Sweet gift for that cyberpunk hacker, bitcoin miner and crypto obsessed person in your life. 

bitcoin necktie, by cyberoptix
We've got our new Bitcoin logo & mining tools neckties in both vegan-safe microfiber and 100% silk

bitcoin logo pocket squares

Not a tie guy or maybe your tie needs a friend? Yes, that coin you're sitting on is burning a hole in your pocket. Stuff it with this Bitcoin pocket square. Puts out internet fires. Stops trolls, because reasons.

bitcoin bow tie

Need to walk the Silk Road red carpet? Level up with this Bitcoin bow tie. We can guarantee this is probably the coolest bow tie in the room. You heard it on the internet, it must be true.

Honey Bee scarves. New from the 'Lab! October 18, 2015 16:39

Honey Bee pashmina scarves

Bee-loving friends: This new design is the bee's knees!  Got a Queen Bee in your life? They certainly deserve a Bee Hive Pashmina scarf. You can be the hero who gives the most perfect gift for backyard and pro beekeepers, mead makers, and all lovers of sweet, delicious honey.

Shown on both traditional weight pashmina scarves and all-season "linen-weave" scarves, honey lovers in chilly and temperate climates will all be abuzz about this new design.

Don't worry! Of course we still make this print sized especially for neckties, pocket squares and bow ties too!

Honey Bee silk necktie

Honey Bee silk necktie

Honey Bee necktie

Honey Bee microfiber necktie (non-silk, Vegan safe.)

Honey Bee bow tie

Honey Bee bow tie - perfect for even the most dapper beekeeper! 

Honey Bee pocket squares

Honey Bee pocket squares. Honey in your pocket can get a little sticky, and bees?  A little stingy!  This is a perfect solution....

Boy's honey bee clip on tie

Don't forget about the tiniest future bee keepers! Pique his or her interest early, it's never too soon to start learning about how colonies cooperate.  We have wee clip-on Honey Bee ties sized for babies, toddlers and bigger kids too.

Dinosaur Bones print - now on a scarf too. Hooray! October 12, 2015 16:02

Our Dinosaur Skeleton necktie and bow tie print is one of our all-time customer favorites. Since you so nicely asked, we've enlarged it to fit on a scarf! Be the most chic science museum visitor ever. Three different dinosaur skeletons climb and tumble: scelidosaurus, iguanodon bernissartensis and compsognathus longipes. Original illustration based on late 19th century archeological sketches.

Golden Olive dinosaur pashmina, by CyberoptixDinosaur Bones Scarf: warm cream print on golden olive linen-weave pashmina. Our linen-weave pashmina scarves are a perfect weight for all-season wear, whether you're digging in the field and need to shade yourself from the blistering sun or as an over-shoulder wrap for chilly nights.

Dinosaur pashmina: black on sandLooking for something a little warmer? We also have our Dinosaur Bones Scarf printed on regular weight pashminas too.  Shown here in black on sand, with many more colors available in the cart.

Now you can impress necks of the hautest science fashionistas and natural history buffs. Perfect gift for the paleontologist, science teacher, geology major or anyone who loves and appreciates natural history.

Dinosaur neckties

Looking for our Dinosaur Neckties?  Of course we still have those! Choose easy to care for vegan-friendly microfiber or 100% silk.

Dinosaur Bones bow ties

Have a dapper paleontologist in your life? Bow ties are cool! (And even cooler with dinosaurs fossils on them.) Find them right here in our freestyle and adjustable "real" bow tie style - the kind you tie yourself.

father and son dinosaur ties

And finally - we know there are budding, wee tiny fossil hounds out there - why not be the coolest kid in school with a Dinosaur Bones clip-on tie? Match an adult to truly level up the adorbs!

Dewey Decimal Classification for Literature scarf! October 11, 2015 14:33

We've got a fancy new scarf for all you lovers of libraries and literature!

Dewey Decimal Scarf, classification for Literature. By Cyberoptix

Shown here first in black print on silver linen-weave pashmina, our book scarf printed is with the 800 series of Dewey Classification. The 800 number series classifies American Literature, English Literature, American Poetry, Philosophy, Rhetoric, Essays, Dictionaries, Encyclopedias and so much more!

Dewey Decimal Literatur scarf, by Cyberoptix

Literature Scarf, shown in black print on sand regular weight pashmina.

Adapted from an 1876 text by American librarian and educator Melvil Dewey, this early system for library classification would later become the "Dewey Decimal System" we all know and love! 

Black Dewey Decimal for Literature ScarfShown in pale grey on black linen weave pashmina.

Mr. Dewey was also pushing for new ways of simpler, shorthand phonetic spelling to be used in the library sciences, even going so far as to legally change the spelling of his own surname. Though never adopted - you can see examples of his rather creative and quirky spelling ideas here on this scarf.


Dewey Decimal pashmina, bundled around the neck

Delight your favorite librarian, library science student, book lover, author, writer or poet with this perfect literary gift! We also have an accompanying necktie and pocket square coming very soon, so stay tuned Lit Lovers!

Hand Crafted Beer Scarves and Ties for Craft Beer Lovers August 31, 2015 10:52

beer pashmina by cyberoptix

Attention ladies, gents, beer lovers, scarf lovers and especially you necktie haters! Our much-loved Beer Tie finally has a proper matching pashmina scarf friend. Made with so much more hoppy and wheaty graphic for you, our new and very, very improved Beer design is now sized especially for our scarves. With the print measuring 16"x 25" at one end, it is sure to elegantly catch the attention of all hops fanatics as far as the eye can see. Shown above, sage on golden olive linen-weave pashmina.

While Oktoberfest is about to get into full swing, we know that repping your love for beer still must happen year round, and in all climates, so we offer this scarf in two weights: our all-season linen-weave pashmina shown here in sage on espresso brown (and of course tons more colors too because that's what we do! ) and our traditional weight, a bit fuzzier and warmer, pashmina below.  Like Beer itself, our scarves are enjoyed by both women and men. Our print and scarf colors echo the natural colorway of the hops plant itself, the sudsy elixir it provides, and the bottles that give it it's glassy home.


Traditional weight Beer Pashmina in a brand new scarf color: espresso on citrine ($44).

Traditional weight Beer Pashmina in sage on moss ($44).

Still after our Beer tie?  Of course we have those too!  Our beer ties are available in microfiber (non-silk), 100% silk, and while we don't recommend putting beer in sippy cups, they're perfect for junior groomsmen in beer-themed weddings, so we also have this design in kid size clip-on ties too!

For the ultra dapper set, you can get your Hops and Wheat fix in our self-tie (the "real" tying kind) bow ties, chic coordinating pocket squares, self-tie ascots and silk scarves too.

Need a custom color to match your wedding party or brewpub's theme?  Of course we can do that too!  head on over to our customizations page where you can get our Hops and Wheat print in 74 fabric colors, over 100 printing ink colors. Anything is possible for just $5 more. How cool is that?

Geek Chic Alert! Irresistible Resistor Inspired Ties and Scarves. August 24, 2015 15:05

There's no place like ohm, there's no place like ohm.... Resistance is futile! Who said engineers can't dress? We have lots of love for engineers and all things science, we place no value on that silly statement. The Electronic Color Code is used to indicate the values or ratings of electronic components, for resistors, capacitors, inductors, and more. The electronic color code was developed in the early 1920s by the Radio Manufacturers Association.

We're offering this design in both vegan-safe microfiber and 100% silk neckties. Value shown: 3.1k ohms, 5% tolerance. Orange, brown, red, gold stripes with pale copper tie fabric.

To those who don't know, when seeing these ties and scarves in action, it's a nifty stripe pattern. To those who do, it is perfect minimalist geekiness. How can you resist...these are irresistible!

Not a tie fan?  Fear not, we have plenty of scarves too!
3.1k ohm code on our camel color linen-weave pashmina - What is "linen-weave" anyway?  Linen-weave is very similar to a traditional pashmina scarf, but with more of a linen-like, woven texture, probably more suited to all-season wear.  We personally like the feel of these newer scarves a little better, but as always, we offer the linen-weave and regular weight in nearly all of our designs.

Looking for something a little warmer?  We offer the Resistor print in our traditional weight pashmina too! Shown here in sky blue.

August 08 is Vintage Synth Day! August 8, 2015 12:42

Synth and techno nerds unite. It's August 08, and of course, its our favorite numeric day of the year here in Detroit, 808 Day! We redrew this image totally new, just from looking at an original 808 drum machine, and of course we put in an Easter egg or two. We have a whole line of 808 inspired ties in both non-silk ($30)  and in 100% silk options ($45) for audiophiles so you won't hate dressing up.

We won't judge if you're not into ties at all. How about a scarf ($44) to show your love for the classic synth!

Cat for scale, because reasons.

Be sure to check out our entire Audiophile Section - where you can find all of our designs for music lovers and things that go bleep and bloop, all corralled in one tidy place.

A Ballsy New Design From Cyberoptix. August 5, 2015 12:44

Finally we're making some designs with balls. What?? Where is your mind?!! We're not being crass! We're talking about BASEBALL here! Our national past-time. Hot summer days! Cold beer! Hot dogs! All things right with the world!

Our Baseball Stitching printed design works well on just about any tie shape, so we're pleased to be able to offer neckties for Major League dads as well as his Little League counterparts.

Microfiber baseball neckties for adults and easy-care clip-on ties for kids, $36. 100% silk ties for adults in standard and narrow width, $45.

More of a dapper, dandy type?  We've got you!

Baseball stitching bow tie, $40. Shown here in cream, we also have bright white, platinum, ivory and champagne available too.

Real baseballs go in your glove pocket, but these can go in any pocket!

Of course we have coordinating baseball pocket squares! ($21). Not feeling a necktie, this is a perfect way to show your sporting love in style. Perhaps you're a fan of other sports?  Check out our new section devoted wholly to all things sports-themed, from cycling to marksmanship to American football, we've got quite a selection going and have many more on the way! Please do let us know if there's any others you'd like us to consider.

Bandana Print Neckties & Bow Ties. New from Cyberoptix! July 29, 2015 14:54

We've got another new design for you! Our classic paisley Bandana Print is now available on neckties, bow ties and since response has been so great, soon to also be released on scarves and pocket squares. Such a simple piece of decorative cloth has quite a storied history through both fashion, counter-cultural symbol and it's use as a utilitarian item. We've reworked the square bandana shape so it can be donned for both fun and the most formal events.

Original illustration based on old-timey bandana patterns. Hand-screen printed as always in our Detroit studio.

As seen in our self-tie Bandana Print bow ties, for an authentic bandana look, choose one of the classics: crimson, black, navy blue or red.

Feeling more fashion forward as seen on our silk Bandana Print tie examples? We have lots of great new purples - shown here is a white print on spiced wine and eggplant.

You can get creative with other colors too, as this design looks great in any color combo! Prefer a different tie fabric color or printing ink color than what is listed in our menu choices? YES we can do that!!!  We'll be posting a lot more examples for you to see as soon as they're ready. This design looks great in just about any colorway under the sun, from bold and contrasty to subtle tone-on-tone -- they're perfect for groomsmen and wedding parties. You can have the colorway of your dreams for just $5 more!

NEW: d20 dice neckties, bow ties and scarves. Geek Week continues! July 23, 2015 10:04

Just when you think you can't make a design any nerdier...or a pun any more bad? We're here for you with our new d20 dice neckties, d20 bow ties and for the non-tie lovers, we also have d20 pashmina scarves! You can choose each in classic red or just about any color you can imagine. We'll be debuting them in person this Saturday at Maker Faire Detroit at The Henry Ford Museum.

Not attending Maker Faire or not in Detroit? They're all up on our web shop at the links above and below, instant gratification right to your doorstep!

Show your love for gaming wherever a ties is required with our new d20 dice neckties in microfiber: $30, or on 100% silk ties, $45.

d20 bow ties, $40, will be a critical hit at even the most fancy, formal events!

Need to keep that neck warm or have no love (boooo) for the tie shape?  We have d20 linen-weave pashmina scarves! $44

Maker Faire Detroit, 2015 - Come See Cyberoptix! July 22, 2015 13:08

In honor of Maker Faire coming up, it is Geek Week here at Cyberoptix, and we mean that only in the most loving of ways. We punctuate "geek" with -chic, it is never a pejorative! We've got 5 new designs launching, just this week!

Just like last year we'll be setting up inside the Henry Ford Museum (in years prior, we've set up camp outside, but it is too risky to have lightweight ties potentially blowing away in the wind). Be sure to take a break from the hot sun and see all the cool things happening inside the museum. We'll have a whole host of new nerdy, science, math, space and maker themed ties and scarves just for you, in addition to our legendary discount bin that only comes out once in a blue moon. 

Make has toured our Tie Lab studio before - see the great job they did on the video!

"Bethany Shorb of Cyberoptix TieLab recently acquired a stash of old used silkscreens to be reclaimed and reused to print her tie designs. But a closer inspection revealed something too interesting to wash out, and these industrial cast-offs generate some truly unique ties."

Maker Faire Detroit
July 25-26, 2015 (9:30am - 6pm)

Tinker, hack and mingle with hundreds of makers during the ultimate festival of invention and creativity at the world’s original Maker mecca — Detroit. Maker Faire is like a three-ring circus of innovation. Robotics, electronics, rockets, food, music, fashion, science — if somebody makes it, we’ll find a place for it at Maker Faire Detroit. This is, without doubt, one of the most unusual and mind-boggling events to ever find a home in Detroit.

Maker Faire is a place where the DIY mindset can run wild. Inspiring and ingenious, with more than a little humor mixed in, this eye-popping gathering is one of the country’s smartest and most extraordinary family-friendly events. Hundreds of exhibiting makers are expected to participate, offering dozens of demonstrations and hands-on workshops for anyone — child or adult — who still has a sense of adventure.

Ties in the Wild - Sam Moschelli at AIA Detroit July 21, 2015 09:07

AIA Detroit Sponsorship Chair Sam Moschelli wearing a pink and grey custom made Cyberoptix Tie Lab bow tie in support of the Detroit Design Festival. ‪Special thanks to awesome photographer John Bigtacion for the event photos!

Grow Detroit's Young Talent - internship first day at Cyberoptix July 13, 2015 11:00

Internship first day! Today we welcome Malik from the Jalen Rose Leadership Academy to our studio - in his 6 weeks with us through the Grow Detroit's Young Talent Initiative in partnership with City Connect Detroit, he'll be learning the ins and outs of waterbased screen printing, social media, cloud-based project management and retailer relations. ...and probably lots StudioCat attention-giving. Let's all welcome our new studio helper!

Boswell shoots Cyberoptix for Ambassador Magazine July 8, 2015 01:07

Never be afraid of mixing patterns! Our horizontal stripe typography-inspired silk Detroit Bus Scroll necktie ($45) pairs extraordinarily well with contrasting dots on both a shirt and pocket square. One of the most talented local (and international!) photographers Boswell shot a smashing spread for the June/July issue of Ambassador Magazine

You can see the whole shoot right here online. Boswell's studio focuses mainly on editorial fashion, beauty and portraiture. This shoot is one of our favorites!

Murals in the Market announced today July 8, 2015 00:07

Bright and early this morning, our good friends over at 1xRun announced Murals In The Market, coming to Detroit's Historic Eastern Market this fall. Featuring over 45 local and international artists, the festival runs September 17th - 25th.

1xRUN has teamed up with Detroit’s Eastern Market Corporation to assemble more than 45 local and international artists to Detroit to paint large scale murals throughout the district.

Public art has long been an integral part of the Eastern Market district and experience. The Murals In The Market festival will expand on 40+ years of large scale public murals by inviting world class local and international artists to join with local artists to add exciting new works throughout the market. With a diverse group of artists from around the world Murals In The Market will enhance the market experience and help continue the transformation of the market district into a must-see destination.

These artists will extend the market’s vibrant history of public murals by adding new large scale work that will embody the spirit of Detroit and the Market’s rich heritage. Over the past 4 years 1xRUN and the company’s fine art gallery Inner State, have curated and produced over 30 murals in Eastern Market alone, with more than 100 murals throughout the City of Detroit, including the 2011 city-wide Detroit Beautification Project. With the creation of these murals, each area has seen a significant visual impact on the surrounding neighborhood as well as increased traffic, additional economic development and increased safety.

As long-time Market residents and business owners, we here at Cyberoptix are beyond proud to help sponsor this inaugural event!

Hey Procrastinators! Worry not, we're still here for you. June 17, 2015 10:35

There's still time for a snazzy, non-groan-worthy tie for Father's Day, that's what Express Mail is for! (...And even our regular Priority Mail service might still be okay if you live in a major city in the US, preferably close to Detroit, and if you like to live on the edge.... you can see all the shipping details right here.)

IF you're local to Detroit, you can also pick up your order this weekend at our shop inside The Rust Belt Market. Just make a note of that when you check out. We also have hundreds of ties all made and ready to go at our shop there if you prefer to browse in real life, and not via internet pixels.

New Design Alert! Op Art Lines & Triangles. June 10, 2015 14:40

Introducing our brand new Op Art neckties - converging triangles geometric silkscreen print tie, available in both microfiber and silk.

Hi. The future called, your ties are ready! We've photographed a few of our favorite color combos, but this pattern works well in just about any colorway you can possibly imagine, from bright tone-on-tone schemes, classic neutrals to even seemingly jarring colors.

Here are just a few color examples, L to R: dark salmon on eggplant, radiant orchid on pink, butter on saffron, red on aqua, sage on dark teal, cornflower on peacock, pale grey on gunmetal, taupe on driftwood, dove grey on black.

This print extends very, very high up on the tie, approx. 24" from the bottom point; perfect to be seen from under a vest or jacket.

Millllllllllions of color and design possibilities, only from the Tie Lab! June 9, 2015 14:50

Whether you need just one or enough for a whole crew of groomsmen, did you know you can order any of our 239 necktie designs in any color tie fabric and printing ink we stock? We have 74 microfiber tie fabric colors, 112 printing ink colors, 3 adult sizes, 2 kid sizes, and a third baby size tie on the way. We also have 63 colors in silk! That, my friends, is a whole lot of choices! While the exact math is way beyond me, the choice permutations are in the hundreds of thousands…maybe millions?! Yep, millions. Click to see our handy dandy color charts.

Shown here is a range of of nine designs to match the personality or interest of each guy, all in a single colorway for a group of groomsmen. Angry Laser Kitten, Poker King, Great Lakes, Whiskey Business, Sommelier, Transformer, Coffee & Cigarettes, Meat Grinder, & Old Fashioned -- all with black printing ink on sky blue ties, in our standard width microfiber.

Interested in ordering up one of our designs in any color combo you can possibly imagine? Head right over to our custom colors microfiber tie page and get creative! Looking for silk or pocket squares or any other accessories we print on? Here's our main customization page, from there you can find all the styles you can customize.

What motivated you to start your business? Second in a week-long video series. June 9, 2015 12:08

This morning Intuit Quickbooks released their second episode in a week-long series about the making of Cyberoptix ties and scarves, in a month-long series about businesses based in Detroit. We admittedly don't do well cooped up in traditional offices, how about you? Do you have your own business, studio or shop? What motivated you to start your own business?

Cyberoptix, Episode 2Bethany struck out on her own to create a business that is truly unique to her style, passion and vision. #OWNIT

Posted by Intuit QuickBooks on Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Thanks again to the crew for so artfully documenting our space, we just wish the sun could have been out for you!

New design alert! French-inspired fleur-de-lis neckties. June 9, 2015 10:32

Introducing our new Fleur-de-Lis neckties! We've been getting tons and tons of requests for a fleur-de-lis print tie, for wearing at French-inspired weddings and for those of you wanting to elegantly sport your "Saintly" colors (WHODAT!) This one is for our New Orleanian friends (and Detroiters too - being a French-founded city, we have the fleur-de-lis on our flag as well). We have lots of love for you guys who reside in our sister city to Detroit.

Shown: "Saintly" Fleur-deLis microfiber ties in black on gold; antique brass on black, black on honey.

This design was a natural to come out of the 'Lab, as there are so many similarities between New Orleans and Detroit, from the incredible music, art, culture and food, to French-named streets that no one from out of town can pronounce. You may have Tchoupitoulas and Burgundy (seems innocuous enough, but we know its really bur-GUN-dee), but we have our own GPS fun with Gratiot and Dequindre!

Fleur-de-Lis silk neckties, Mardi Gras colors. Antique brass on eggplant; cream; olive.

Looking for a little more history? The English translation of "fleur-de-lis" is "flower of the lily." This symbol, depicting a stylized lily or lotus flower represents French royalty, signifying perfection, light, and life. In the US, the fleur-de-lis symbol aligns with cities near the Mississippi and Missouri rivers, and is represented on flags and seals of the cities of Detroit, St. Louis, Louisville, Mobile, New Orleans, Baton Rouge and Lafayette.

Intuit Quickbooks vists our studio! First in a series of videos. June 8, 2015 13:02

Bethany Shorb, founder of Cyberoptix Tie Lab with Intuit Quickbooks

Throughout the month of June, Intuit Quickbooks is highlighting small businesses based right here in Detroit, Michigan.  We're not sure how, but they picked us as a stop on their video tour!  Every day this week on their Facebook page, they'll be releasing another minute-long Q & A about some aspect of how we do things here at Cyberoptix - from challenges to proud moments. What they focus on will be just as much a surprise to us as it is to all of you, we talked for a whole day and have no idea what little gems (or gaffes) they selected.

Cyberoptix, Episode 1“Our client base keeps us going; the range and breadth of interests that they have, of life experience that they have, that’s what inspires us.” Your clients have passions, too. Let them be your guides. #OWNIT

Posted by Intuit QuickBooks on Monday, June 8, 2015

We were really happy to speak about our customers, as that is who keeps us going. From cats to kids to real astronauts, we have a great time dressing everyone up. Of course our internet famous Studio Cat has a cameo in this one...

Thanks so much too, to their production crew who did such a great job and got some beautiful shots of our space inside The Rust Belt Market!

New design alert! Sashiko-inspired Crashing Waves neckties. June 8, 2015 11:00

A few months ago we were fortunate to visit the Textile Museum of Canada and stumbled on a beautiful piece of sashiko embroidery. Sashiko stitching is created with a white running stitch placed on an indigo background; its motifs are based on traditional Japanese designs that depict scenes in nature and village life.

Crashing Waves silk necktie, $45. Or in microfiber, $30.

Inspired by the line work and color combinations used in the art of sashiko stitching on vintage Japanese indigo textiles, we have re-imagined the art of functional embroidery through silkscreen. While an extraordinarily different process, we hope to capture just a fraction of the beauty of this form of textile design.

Grow Detroit's Young Talent - at Cyberoptix June 7, 2015 22:39

We'll be helping to Grow Detroit's Young Talent - right in our own studio!

With the help of Mayor Mike Duggan and Detroit’s philanthropic and corporate leaders, Cyberoptix is proud to partner with Grow Detroit’s Young Talent to provide paid summer work experience right in our Detroit studio! We can't wait to start interviewing candidates in the coming weeks and look forward to finding youth in the community who are truly passionate about learning more about art, fashion, independent retail, web development or social media. We'll be posting much more as this experience progresses - you can follow along at our Community Outreach page.

Grow Detroit's Young Talent is a six week summer youth employment program that combines work readiness training with on-the-job experience designed to prepare Detroiters, ages 14 to 24, for Detroit’s workforce. The program was created in 2009 by the Detroit Youth Employment Consortium, a public-private partnership developed by The Skillman Foundation. Each year since, the program has raised funding to provide an increasing number of paid work experiences for Detroit youth.

In 2014, the Grow Detroit’s Young Talent program raised $2.7 million from community donors and grant makers to provide paid work experiences to 1,897 youth. Through expanded coordination with the Detroit Mayor’s Office, the program intends to train and employ 5,000 Detroit youth in 2015!  We're thrilled to be able to be part of that 5,000 youth and young adults making a difference in their community.

Revenge of the Nerds: Necktie Edition. June 7, 2015 13:49

We haven't ventured into custom-printed pocket protectors yet, but we definitely have you covered for all your geek-chic neckwear needs with our Circuit Board neckties, bow ties, pocket squares and ascots!

Short Circuit, circuit board necktie. $30-$45. Coordinating Circuit Board Bow Tie $40 and Circuit Board pocket square $21.

If there was ever any doubt that nerds rule, you can put that to rest.  They definitely do - it's 2015 and we all have super computers in our can thank a nerd for that. Even though we should be solving all the worlds most-pressing calculus problems, we're still using that power to post cat videos...but that's alright, cats rule too.  Today we celebrate geekdom and all its finest fashion! Our Circuit Board neckties are not just a product of good imagination and Photoshop - they're made from real relics of the electronics industry. Our screenprints are made from the silkscreens that were used in the making of actual old circuit boards. The process used to make printed circuit boards used be very similar to screenprinting just about anything, printing a circuit board was much like printing a necktie. 

Cache of old Silkscreens Inform Designs of Cyberoptix TieLab, via Make Magazine.

In June of 2011, we took delivery of a literal truckload of vintage screens that we thought we were simply going to reclaim to make new ones. Usually they're festooned with the remains of custom T-shirt graphics, including the less-than-engaging likes of "Uncle Larry's 40th Birthday" or "Herbert's Down Home Family Reunion, YEEHAW!" This time, when the light caught them, all these glorious, old circuit board and electronics schematics appeared. Obviously, wiping out these treasures was not going to happen, and after pacing, staring, agonizing over the fact that circuit boards designs have definitely been put on garments already, we just couldn't resist the serendipity any longer, considering our fascination with electronics history.

So, we decided to find the best aesthetically pleasing portions of those screens, get the line-up perfect, and produce as many as possible on as many ties as they could print. When fabricating actual circuit boards, silkscreens are used to print etch-resistant inks on to the board to protect the copper foil. Subsequent etching removes the unwanted copper and one is left with the desired copper pattern for conductivity. Destined for the landfill, we feel very lucky indeed to be able to bring these remnants of electronics history to you.

When you're the first to be decked out with one of these at your hacker space, local convention or board meeting, (be proud) and let your friends know. The language of old circuits should never die!

Our best-loved Clipper Ship design now lives on a scarf! June 5, 2015 16:55

Attention seafaring adventurers! Holy ship! Introducing our new Clipper Ship linen weave pashmina. We have more favorite designs on scarves, hooray! That's right folks, we've been putting that huge, new-to-us, 24" wide transparency printer into overdrive to print all these oversized designs for you.

Clipper Ship Pashmina $44, shown in white on navy blue, navy on cream. Many more colors available!

We're pretty proud of this one. The printed graphic nears the edges, a full 16" x 24" at one end, so you see a whole lotta ship no matter how the scarf is worn. The inverse in navy on cream is pretty handsome too?

As always, it's necktie best friend is still here for you too if scarves aren't your thing:

Clipper Ship Necktie $56 on luxurious herringbone silk, modern cut.  Shown on silver, cream and sapphire. We also have it in our regular satin silk and microfiber.

More Automotive themed neckties, bow ties & pocket squares for Dad. June 4, 2015 12:03

Attention Automotive Aficionados! We have much, much more than just Racing Stripe neckties for all the car guys out there, and yes, we know you are many. In our Automotive shop section, you can find intricate necktie, bow tie and pocket square designs inspired by the line work of vintage engines, shifter knobs, wiring diagrams and race track maps.

Engine Rosette bow tie, $40; Gear Shift neckties, $30-$56; Race Track Maps neckties, $30-$45; Spark Plug neckties $30-45; Spark Plug pocket squares.

The above shows just a small sampling. Cruise on over to our Automotive shop and see the best gifts on earth for your gearhead. Even if he's usually covered in grease in the shop, he's got to dress up sometime, why not make it more fun!?

A Bow Tie for the Dapper Paleontologist. June 3, 2015 20:02

Our Dinosaur Bones Necktie is one of our best selling designs. Why didn't we have it on a bow tie? I don't know, that's pretty silly! A few weeks ago one of our customers requested a Dinosaur Bow Tie, and since we're dutiful tie-makers, it is now real -- perfect for all your fanciest natural history soirees. Dust off those bones and dress to impress at your most formal event, and impress natural history buffs at the same time. 

Many of our necktie designs translate well to other shape garments we offer, like bow ties and pocket squares. Some existing graphics work for pashmina scarves too, but often the design has to be reworked and enlarged to make sense on the much larger surface to print on. Have a favorite design only shown on a necktie? Let us know which designs you'd like to see moved to other accessories, and we'll work to move them to the front of the queue for you.

Racing Stripe Neckties - for the Dad who likes to go fast. June 3, 2015 13:55

As we begin the Father's Day Countdown (yes, that's National Necktie Holiday here for us..and hopefully you) it is our duty to remind you that we have tons of offerings for Dads who like to go fast!

Our Racing Stripe neckties and pocket squares, in eight different racing team-inspired livery colors.

Years ago before sponsorship logos ruled the look of race cars, the vehicle's color was associated with the homeland of the car's owner. Country colors were agreed upon in the early days of auto racing and standardized in the FIA's code. While the governing body no longer requires that race cars follow this color code, there's still much nostalgia surrounding these vintage paint schemes as well as the later, sponsored colorways -- and we have both!

Buck the trend of giving that special Father Figure a necktie he'll shove in the back of the closet, but one he'll talk about for years - and that will sure make you look like a good son, daughter, friend, partner or just a general awesome human being. Win win, right!?

Father and Son Ties for Father's Day! June 2, 2015 10:37

Father and Son ties are here for Father's Day! ...And Father and Daughter, Mother and Daughter, Mother and Son ties too! Don't forget about those grandparents and grandchildren, we can do generations of matching ties! Did you know that we can print just about any of our designs on coordinating smaller ties? Shown above is our Video Game Controller Necktie design, custom printed in glow pink on plum adult narrow size with a matching toddler clip-on size in the same hue. While the cart already lists tons of cute, tried-and-true color options, yes, for just $5 more, we can't print up your kiddo tie order in ANY colorway you wish!

Absolutely everyone can enjoy wearing ties, and every little human looks especially cute in a tie, not just wee lil' guys. Little girls look SO cute and stylish in small ties.  How cool would it be to match Dad! Get creative with color, and if you have any questions about tie size, printed design or color availability, feel free to just drop us an email and we'll be happy to help consult with you.

(An array of designs translated to kid size: Apollo Soyuz; Circuit Board; Red Robot; Bicycle; Skull & Bones; Beer; Octopus Tentacles; Bee Hive; Detroit Blueprint.)

Our clip-on ties come in two sizes, toddler size (recommended for about 2-5 years old) and youth size (5-11).  You can see all our kiddie colors right here, just look for the check-box in the size you need - we have about colors 50 to choose from. Because you have been asking, in about six weeks, we'll also be introducing a band new baby size tie too in about 50 colors! Those smallest ties will fit 0-2 years.

(Our Poppy design in youth size, silver on black. Toddler size, silver on burgundy.)

Want your pets to match too? Who wouldn't, pets wearing ties is absolutely irresistible, they're the stars of the internet! Below is Rozwell the StudioCat, he's wearing a solid color turquoise toddler-size tie. It is safely clipped right to his collar, and he loves wearing it because we all shower extra attention on him when it's on. He's a big boy at 15 pounds (!!) so we can't wait to get those baby sized ties finished, as they'll be purrrrrfect for cats and small dogs.  Right now our toddler and youth ties fit great on fat cats, medium and large size dogs.

Cyberoptix and other Detroit small businesses bring their wares to Mackinac for 'Building Bridges to Small Business' June 1, 2015 01:20

When many Mackinac Policy Conference attendees arrived at the island's ferry dock this week they were greeted by "pinup girls." That sounds scandalous, but it was really an eye-catching attempt by a handful of Detroit small businesses.

They've banded together to create a popup market on Mackinac Island. Their goal is to shed some light on the importance of Michigan small businesses like theirs.

Cyberoptix, Sweet Potato Sensations, Rebel Nell, and The Peacock Room will each peddle their wares later today on the island.


Mike Rowe + Cyberoptix. A Highlight from the Mackinac Policy Conference. May 30, 2015 14:53

Few and far between are the chances you get to run into one of your Maker Movement heroes. This Thursday, while we were talking ties with Paul Smith for WJR 760 News' Opportunity Detroit segment, guess who also had a live interview slot right next to us -- none other than Mike Rowe! Bethany was wearing the iconic Mackinac Bridge tie, but decided it looked better on him.

Admitted fanboys and girls of his Dirty Jobs Series and Somebody's Gotta Do It, we also especially admire the mikeroweWORKS Foundation, his foundation that awards scholarships to those wishing to pursue a trade.

It was such an honor to have a chat with him about Detroit, the importance of not stigmatizing trades, and to have a bit of a fanboy/girl moment.  Heartfelt thanks to our mutual filmmaker and photographer friend Troy Paff for the intro, who visited the Tie Lab's studios way back in 2010 for his Journeyman Project series - The tradesmen of 21st century America.

Bethany Shorb, founder of Cyberoptix Tie Lab, interviewed on WJR Radio May 29, 2015 20:30

Cyberoptix Tie Lab on WJR RadioWe were so excited when Paul W. Smith of WJR 960am invited the Tie Lab's founder to be on the air for his Friday evening Opportunity Detroit show! You can hear a podcast of Bethany Shorb, from Cyberoptix Tie Lab have a 10 minute conversation with Mr. Smith -- they talk about ties, the Lab's near infinite color customization, the benefits of starting a business in Detroit and of course, the requisite quips about being an "unusual woman."

Paul W. Smith
is also the host of WJR‘s “Paul W. Smith Show,” heard every weekday morning on WJR 760am. Whether he is interviewing the head of a major local company, the governor, or a Hollywood celebrity, Paul has a warm and conversational style that keeps listeners tuned in. Paul W. Smith brings a wealth of broadcast experience, knowledge, and credibility to Opportunity Detroit.

Opportunity Detroit has teamed up with Detroit’s WJR radio to bring you EVERYTHING Detroit. Endless amounts of positive energy and influence are spreading throughout the city -- there’s a lot going on in Detroit, and it’s time to get the word out to the rest of Michigan and surrounding areas. The show focuses exclusively on Detroit, its ongoing revitalization and the people who are working tirelessly to reshape the Motor City. Opportunity Detroit airs every Friday night from 7-8 p.m.

Did you know we can print YOUR artwork too? May 26, 2015 16:36

While not practical or cost-effective for single ties or scarves, we start custom artwork packages (read: YOUR design on ties and scarves!) with minimums as low as just ten pieces to start. 

If you need fewer than 50, those pieces will be our regular full price, plus set up and design fees, however if you need a whole bunch, we offer a pretty hefty discount with just 50 pieces or more! Check out our Corporate Gifting page for some examples of clients we've worked with so far, and feel free to chat with and get all details from our custom and wholesale specialist.

1-855-LAB-TIES: (1-855-522-8437)

See You on the Island! May 26, 2015 14:27

Rachel from The Peacock Room brought an army of pinup models from Retro Girls to help promote "Building Bridges to Small Business." Please share this pic with your friends heading to The Mackinac Policy Conference so they can keep an eye out for them. They'll be handing out invitations and taxi passes to the event, along with cookies from Sweet Potato Sensations and cards describing our brand new custom printing & corporate gifting service. First stop - Shepler's arrival dock.

Detroit retailers to host pop-up market at Mackinac Policy Conference May 26, 2015 11:03

(Pictured above: Rachel Lutz, photo by Nick Hagen)

We can't wait to head up to Mackinac tomorrow with our good friend Rachel from The Peacock Room who has been such an incredible supporter of us and small businesses in the city as a whole.

A handful of Detroit-based entrepreneurs will make their pitch for the importance of small business in the future of the city's economy at this week's Mackinac Policy Conference.

"The Mackinaw Policy Conference is always about big things -- big politicians, big lobbying firms, big issues," says Rachel Lutz, owner of The Peacock Room in Midtown's Park Shelton building. "If we're going to have a conversation about the state's economy, we should also speak about small business."

Lutz and a few of her peers (all women who are owners of Detroit-based small businesses) will facilitate that conversation through a small business pop-up market on Mackinac Island during the conference. The other three business participating are Cyberoptix Tie Lab (a scarves and tie maker), Sweet Potato Sensations (a second-generation family-owned bakery), and Rebel Nell (a jewelry company with a social mission). [Read more at Model D....]

A Cat in a Print Shop? Are You Crazy?!! May 21, 2015 09:22

Its no secret that we have an affinity for felines around here at the Tie Lab.  Some people ask though, how the heck can you keep a cat in a print shop?!  That's madness! Lunacy! All the printing ink! All the delicate fabric! So many opportunities for mayhem and mischief!

Well, here he is folks, at his worst.

Mr. Rozwell Pantone Grey is a very atypical cat -- he thinks he's a dog.  He doesn't climb on things, doesn't tangle with ties, and above all, strays from his luxurious coat are contained only within his beloved Darth Vader bed - never, EVER on product we ship out. With over 4500 square feet of studio space and no rugs, we're a very hypoallergenic shop, so you can rest easy that while he entertains us immensely, he won't be visiting you. We adopted him two years ago and he's been nothing but a welcome addition to our staff!