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Honey Bee scarves. New from the 'Lab! October 18, 2015 16:39

Honey Bee pashmina scarves

Bee-loving friends: This new design is the bee's knees!  Got a Queen Bee in your life? They certainly deserve a Bee Hive Pashmina scarf. You can be the hero who gives the most perfect gift for backyard and pro beekeepers, mead makers, and all lovers of sweet, delicious honey.

Shown on both traditional weight pashmina scarves and all-season "linen-weave" scarves, honey lovers in chilly and temperate climates will all be abuzz about this new design.

Don't worry! Of course we still make this print sized especially for neckties, pocket squares and bow ties too!

Honey Bee silk necktie

Honey Bee silk necktie

Honey Bee necktie

Honey Bee microfiber necktie (non-silk, Vegan safe.)

Honey Bee bow tie

Honey Bee bow tie - perfect for even the most dapper beekeeper! 

Honey Bee pocket squares

Honey Bee pocket squares. Honey in your pocket can get a little sticky, and bees?  A little stingy!  This is a perfect solution....

Boy's honey bee clip on tie

Don't forget about the tiniest future bee keepers! Pique his or her interest early, it's never too soon to start learning about how colonies cooperate.  We have wee clip-on Honey Bee ties sized for babies, toddlers and bigger kids too.