News From Inside the Tie Lab

NEW: d20 dice neckties, bow ties and scarves. Geek Week continues! July 23, 2015 10:04

Just when you think you can't make a design any nerdier...or a pun any more bad? We're here for you with our new d20 dice neckties, d20 bow ties and for the non-tie lovers, we also have d20 pashmina scarves! You can choose each in classic red or just about any color you can imagine. We'll be debuting them in person this Saturday at Maker Faire Detroit at The Henry Ford Museum.

Not attending Maker Faire or not in Detroit? They're all up on our web shop at the links above and below, instant gratification right to your doorstep!

Show your love for gaming wherever a ties is required with our new d20 dice neckties in microfiber: $30, or on 100% silk ties, $45.

d20 bow ties, $40, will be a critical hit at even the most fancy, formal events!

Need to keep that neck warm or have no love (boooo) for the tie shape?  We have d20 linen-weave pashmina scarves! $44