News From Inside the Tie Lab

Craft beer and hand crafted neckties go perfect together. February 10, 2017 11:30

Neckties that proclaim your love for this wheaty, malty or hoppy beverage are notoriously not so classy. It is our humble duty as tie designers to change that.

Our Beer Tie - a hops, wheat and barley botanical print design in both silk ($45) or non-silk microfiber ($36) is one of our best sellers ever. Craft beer brewing (and consuming) has exploded throughout our home state of Michigan and across the country, and it’s fans need something to wear to rep their interest with style; novelty beer ties are usually...well...horribly designed. Now that we've elevated the art of craft beer drinking, we think it's high time to elevate the art of beer tie wearing.

Beer print ties and scarves for wedding party

Got a hops and wheat themed wedding?  Hosting your ceremony at a brewery or brewpub? Got attendants, groomsmen, or a bridal party that can't get enough of the craft brew? Why not gift them a tie or wrap they'll be sure to wear over and over again, all the while always remembering how awesome you are for such a special day (and gift.)

ties for beer themed wedding

In case you haven't heard, bow ties are cool! Prefer a dapper bow?  We've got Beer Bow Ties in tons of colors!

Feeling extra fancy?  Don't be square, coordinate with a square! Of course we have Beer Pocket Squares too!

Hops and Wheat printed pashmina scarf
Ties not your thing? Don't fret! We've got some extra sudsy Hops and Wheat printed scarves!

Hey Procrastinators! Worry not, we're still here for you. June 17, 2015 10:35

There's still time for a snazzy, non-groan-worthy tie for Father's Day, that's what Express Mail is for! (...And even our regular Priority Mail service might still be okay if you live in a major city in the US, preferably close to Detroit, and if you like to live on the edge.... you can see all the shipping details right here.)

IF you're local to Detroit, you can also pick up your order this weekend at our shop inside The Rust Belt Market. Just make a note of that when you check out. We also have hundreds of ties all made and ready to go at our shop there if you prefer to browse in real life, and not via internet pixels.

Revenge of the Nerds: Necktie Edition. June 7, 2015 13:49

We haven't ventured into custom-printed pocket protectors yet, but we definitely have you covered for all your geek-chic neckwear needs with our Circuit Board neckties, bow ties, pocket squares and ascots!

Short Circuit, circuit board necktie. $30-$45. Coordinating Circuit Board Bow Tie $40 and Circuit Board pocket square $21.

If there was ever any doubt that nerds rule, you can put that to rest.  They definitely do - it's 2015 and we all have super computers in our can thank a nerd for that. Even though we should be solving all the worlds most-pressing calculus problems, we're still using that power to post cat videos...but that's alright, cats rule too.  Today we celebrate geekdom and all its finest fashion! Our Circuit Board neckties are not just a product of good imagination and Photoshop - they're made from real relics of the electronics industry. Our screenprints are made from the silkscreens that were used in the making of actual old circuit boards. The process used to make printed circuit boards used be very similar to screenprinting just about anything, printing a circuit board was much like printing a necktie. 

Cache of old Silkscreens Inform Designs of Cyberoptix TieLab, via Make Magazine.

In June of 2011, we took delivery of a literal truckload of vintage screens that we thought we were simply going to reclaim to make new ones. Usually they're festooned with the remains of custom T-shirt graphics, including the less-than-engaging likes of "Uncle Larry's 40th Birthday" or "Herbert's Down Home Family Reunion, YEEHAW!" This time, when the light caught them, all these glorious, old circuit board and electronics schematics appeared. Obviously, wiping out these treasures was not going to happen, and after pacing, staring, agonizing over the fact that circuit boards designs have definitely been put on garments already, we just couldn't resist the serendipity any longer, considering our fascination with electronics history.

So, we decided to find the best aesthetically pleasing portions of those screens, get the line-up perfect, and produce as many as possible on as many ties as they could print. When fabricating actual circuit boards, silkscreens are used to print etch-resistant inks on to the board to protect the copper foil. Subsequent etching removes the unwanted copper and one is left with the desired copper pattern for conductivity. Destined for the landfill, we feel very lucky indeed to be able to bring these remnants of electronics history to you.

When you're the first to be decked out with one of these at your hacker space, local convention or board meeting, (be proud) and let your friends know. The language of old circuits should never die!

Our best-loved Clipper Ship design now lives on a scarf! June 5, 2015 16:55

Attention seafaring adventurers! Holy ship! Introducing our new Clipper Ship linen weave pashmina. We have more favorite designs on scarves, hooray! That's right folks, we've been putting that huge, new-to-us, 24" wide transparency printer into overdrive to print all these oversized designs for you.

Clipper Ship Pashmina $44, shown in white on navy blue, navy on cream. Many more colors available!

We're pretty proud of this one. The printed graphic nears the edges, a full 16" x 24" at one end, so you see a whole lotta ship no matter how the scarf is worn. The inverse in navy on cream is pretty handsome too?

As always, it's necktie best friend is still here for you too if scarves aren't your thing:

Clipper Ship Necktie $56 on luxurious herringbone silk, modern cut.  Shown on silver, cream and sapphire. We also have it in our regular satin silk and microfiber.

More Automotive themed neckties, bow ties & pocket squares for Dad. June 4, 2015 12:03

Attention Automotive Aficionados! We have much, much more than just Racing Stripe neckties for all the car guys out there, and yes, we know you are many. In our Automotive shop section, you can find intricate necktie, bow tie and pocket square designs inspired by the line work of vintage engines, shifter knobs, wiring diagrams and race track maps.

Engine Rosette bow tie, $40; Gear Shift neckties, $30-$56; Race Track Maps neckties, $30-$45; Spark Plug neckties $30-45; Spark Plug pocket squares.

The above shows just a small sampling. Cruise on over to our Automotive shop and see the best gifts on earth for your gearhead. Even if he's usually covered in grease in the shop, he's got to dress up sometime, why not make it more fun!?

A Bow Tie for the Dapper Paleontologist. June 3, 2015 20:02

Our Dinosaur Bones Necktie is one of our best selling designs. Why didn't we have it on a bow tie? I don't know, that's pretty silly! A few weeks ago one of our customers requested a Dinosaur Bow Tie, and since we're dutiful tie-makers, it is now real -- perfect for all your fanciest natural history soirees. Dust off those bones and dress to impress at your most formal event, and impress natural history buffs at the same time. 

Many of our necktie designs translate well to other shape garments we offer, like bow ties and pocket squares. Some existing graphics work for pashmina scarves too, but often the design has to be reworked and enlarged to make sense on the much larger surface to print on. Have a favorite design only shown on a necktie? Let us know which designs you'd like to see moved to other accessories, and we'll work to move them to the front of the queue for you.

Racing Stripe Neckties - for the Dad who likes to go fast. June 3, 2015 13:55

As we begin the Father's Day Countdown (yes, that's National Necktie Holiday here for us..and hopefully you) it is our duty to remind you that we have tons of offerings for Dads who like to go fast!

Our Racing Stripe neckties and pocket squares, in eight different racing team-inspired livery colors.

Years ago before sponsorship logos ruled the look of race cars, the vehicle's color was associated with the homeland of the car's owner. Country colors were agreed upon in the early days of auto racing and standardized in the FIA's code. While the governing body no longer requires that race cars follow this color code, there's still much nostalgia surrounding these vintage paint schemes as well as the later, sponsored colorways -- and we have both!

Buck the trend of giving that special Father Figure a necktie he'll shove in the back of the closet, but one he'll talk about for years - and that will sure make you look like a good son, daughter, friend, partner or just a general awesome human being. Win win, right!?

Father and Son Ties for Father's Day! June 2, 2015 10:37

Father and Son ties are here for Father's Day! ...And Father and Daughter, Mother and Daughter, Mother and Son ties too! Don't forget about those grandparents and grandchildren, we can do generations of matching ties! Did you know that we can print just about any of our designs on coordinating smaller ties? Shown above is our Video Game Controller Necktie design, custom printed in glow pink on plum adult narrow size with a matching toddler clip-on size in the same hue. While the cart already lists tons of cute, tried-and-true color options, yes, for just $5 more, we can't print up your kiddo tie order in ANY colorway you wish!

Absolutely everyone can enjoy wearing ties, and every little human looks especially cute in a tie, not just wee lil' guys. Little girls look SO cute and stylish in small ties.  How cool would it be to match Dad! Get creative with color, and if you have any questions about tie size, printed design or color availability, feel free to just drop us an email and we'll be happy to help consult with you.

(An array of designs translated to kid size: Apollo Soyuz; Circuit Board; Red Robot; Bicycle; Skull & Bones; Beer; Octopus Tentacles; Bee Hive; Detroit Blueprint.)

Our clip-on ties come in two sizes, toddler size (recommended for about 2-5 years old) and youth size (5-11).  You can see all our kiddie colors right here, just look for the check-box in the size you need - we have about colors 50 to choose from. Because you have been asking, in about six weeks, we'll also be introducing a band new baby size tie too in about 50 colors! Those smallest ties will fit 0-2 years.

(Our Poppy design in youth size, silver on black. Toddler size, silver on burgundy.)

Want your pets to match too? Who wouldn't, pets wearing ties is absolutely irresistible, they're the stars of the internet! Below is Rozwell the StudioCat, he's wearing a solid color turquoise toddler-size tie. It is safely clipped right to his collar, and he loves wearing it because we all shower extra attention on him when it's on. He's a big boy at 15 pounds (!!) so we can't wait to get those baby sized ties finished, as they'll be purrrrrfect for cats and small dogs.  Right now our toddler and youth ties fit great on fat cats, medium and large size dogs.