News From Inside the Tie Lab

New design alert! French-inspired fleur-de-lis neckties. June 9, 2015 10:32

Introducing our new Fleur-de-Lis neckties! We've been getting tons and tons of requests for a fleur-de-lis print tie, for wearing at French-inspired weddings and for those of you wanting to elegantly sport your "Saintly" colors (WHODAT!) This one is for our New Orleanian friends (and Detroiters too - being a French-founded city, we have the fleur-de-lis on our flag as well). We have lots of love for you guys who reside in our sister city to Detroit.

Shown: "Saintly" Fleur-deLis microfiber ties in black on gold; antique brass on black, black on honey.

This design was a natural to come out of the 'Lab, as there are so many similarities between New Orleans and Detroit, from the incredible music, art, culture and food, to French-named streets that no one from out of town can pronounce. You may have Tchoupitoulas and Burgundy (seems innocuous enough, but we know its really bur-GUN-dee), but we have our own GPS fun with Gratiot and Dequindre!

Fleur-de-Lis silk neckties, Mardi Gras colors. Antique brass on eggplant; cream; olive.

Looking for a little more history? The English translation of "fleur-de-lis" is "flower of the lily." This symbol, depicting a stylized lily or lotus flower represents French royalty, signifying perfection, light, and life. In the US, the fleur-de-lis symbol aligns with cities near the Mississippi and Missouri rivers, and is represented on flags and seals of the cities of Detroit, St. Louis, Louisville, Mobile, New Orleans, Baton Rouge and Lafayette.