6 Gifts Your Accountant Will Love: Tax Day is Coming Up Fast! April 4, 2016 18:03

cyberoptix accounting themed neckties, bow ties scarves & pocket squares

There are two certainties in life: Death and Taxes, at least you can look good for both? We don't recommend shopping for your own funeral yet, but why not at least look sharp on tax day? Yeah yeah, rolling out of bed in sweats is easier, but when you can rock one of these, how can you resist suiting up? We've been hard at work here at the Tie Lab, so we can present to you, our new balance sheet paper accessories, because you've got the Write Stuff. We dare you not to math-doodle! 

With tax day approaching, accountants have it pretty rough right now. Here's an easy way to say thank you for those countless hours of number crunching, how about Ledger Paper Necktie, Bow Tie, Pocket Square or Scarf?
Accountant self tie bow ties, by cyberoptix

Our self-tie bow ties are created in a series of greens that echo the color combinations found in old-school ledger paper, we invite you to nerd out and add one of these to your wardrobe, we heard it will really balance your look. Just give us credit for the idea!

Accountant neckties, ledger paper print, vegan safe microfiber

Shown above, we have microfiber (non-silk) neckties ($36) for those who prefer a more easy-care option, who has time for dry cleaning?!

Ledger Paper silk necktie, by Cyberoptix

For the silk purists, we've got you covered too. Our ledger paper ties also come in 100% silk ($45) and in two widths to suit any human's frame, standard and narrow width.

Cyberoptix accounting theme pocket squares 
If your necktie or bow tie needs a friend (or for those folks who refuse to wear ties) this print also works impeccably on pocket squares ($24). Ties need friends.  They do.  Trust us.

Not a tie wearer at all?  No matter what??? We'll stop crying....BUT, you still have a neck, and that's what scarves are for. 

Accountant Pashmina, bookkeeper ledger paper print scarf

Our pashmina scarves are great for both men and women, and come in two weights: Traditional weight and linen-weave. What the heck is “linen-weave”? Our linen-weave pashmina scarf (shown above in golden olive, $44) has a slightly waffley texture to it just like linen, but it's super soft and not scratchy at all. Linen-weave is also a little lighter-weight than our warmer, traditional weight pashmina. It is perfect for all seasons, our customers love it!  Both fabrics take the printing ink very well, it's just up to your preference and what the climate its like where you live.

Looking for a little warmer and fuzzier but still not too thick? Try our traditional weight pashmina scarf ($44), shown below in celery green.

CPA theme scarf, ledger paper print pashmina

Mom always taught us to say thank you. Delight your weary accountant, bookkeeper, CPA and tax preparer during tax season, we know they could really use a present about now. They've worked so hard to get those mountains of boxes and bags of ketchup-covered receipts together for you, and hey, they see what you really spend your money on...and how much you go out to eat instead of going grocery shopping...of course your secrets are safe with them, buy why not make sure they're even a little safer?