News From Inside the Tie Lab

Grow Detroit's Young Talent - internship first day at Cyberoptix July 13, 2015 11:00

Internship first day! Today we welcome Malik from the Jalen Rose Leadership Academy to our studio - in his 6 weeks with us through the Grow Detroit's Young Talent Initiative in partnership with City Connect Detroit, he'll be learning the ins and outs of waterbased screen printing, social media, cloud-based project management and retailer relations. ...and probably lots StudioCat attention-giving. Let's all welcome our new studio helper!

Murals in the Market announced today July 8, 2015 00:07

Bright and early this morning, our good friends over at 1xRun announced Murals In The Market, coming to Detroit's Historic Eastern Market this fall. Featuring over 45 local and international artists, the festival runs September 17th - 25th.

1xRUN has teamed up with Detroit’s Eastern Market Corporation to assemble more than 45 local and international artists to Detroit to paint large scale murals throughout the district.

Public art has long been an integral part of the Eastern Market district and experience. The Murals In The Market festival will expand on 40+ years of large scale public murals by inviting world class local and international artists to join with local artists to add exciting new works throughout the market. With a diverse group of artists from around the world Murals In The Market will enhance the market experience and help continue the transformation of the market district into a must-see destination.

These artists will extend the market’s vibrant history of public murals by adding new large scale work that will embody the spirit of Detroit and the Market’s rich heritage. Over the past 4 years 1xRUN and the company’s fine art gallery Inner State, have curated and produced over 30 murals in Eastern Market alone, with more than 100 murals throughout the City of Detroit, including the 2011 city-wide Detroit Beautification Project. With the creation of these murals, each area has seen a significant visual impact on the surrounding neighborhood as well as increased traffic, additional economic development and increased safety.

As long-time Market residents and business owners, we here at Cyberoptix are beyond proud to help sponsor this inaugural event!