Mask Lab

Yes, of course we're still printing ties - but we've also pivoted our workshop to create the new Cyberoptix Mask Lab! All our masks are designed, hand printed, cut and sewn right in-house. Now you can even match your tie and mask!  Each is a two layer mask, with a tightly-woven fashion exterior and a second, super-soft bamboo viscose interior lining. Hint: The lining everyone loves so much is our scarf fabric. We've been doing this with our sister site, Well Done Goods, for a couple months. Behold! All the masks live here now too, so you can conveniently check out all at once. They say laughter is the best medicine, so we've put on our super-lulz thinking caps to try and bring you a little joy and some freaky-deaky to upgrade your social distance experience. 

"It’s like wearing a cloud over my face. I must say, it’s VERY comfy and easy to breathe through. If I’m gonna be wearing a mask in public for the foreseeable future (as we all should, duh), this is the best I could hope for!" - Craig R.