Bow Tie Linesheet: Outlines of All Bow Tie Graphics

Here's our design outlines for printed bow ties in black & white, with no colors to distract! Imagine your very own color combinations for wedding & custom orders. Looking for something truly unique? For only $5 more than our regular choices, you can build a bow tie in the perfect color and design combination that is unique to your style, the event you're planning, or organization you belong to.

Many of our necktie designs work on the bow tie shape, but not quite all are recommended as too much of the print will get cut off. Not seeing what you like listed below? Probably a few more of our regular necktie designs will work too, they just may not have made it to this bow tie guide yet - we have crazy lots of prints! Any questions about what designs work best on our bow ties, please don't hesitate to contact us, we're here to help!