News From Inside the Tie Lab

More Automotive themed neckties, bow ties & pocket squares for Dad. June 4, 2015 12:03

Attention Automotive Aficionados! We have much, much more than just Racing Stripe neckties for all the car guys out there, and yes, we know you are many. In our Automotive shop section, you can find intricate necktie, bow tie and pocket square designs inspired by the line work of vintage engines, shifter knobs, wiring diagrams and race track maps.

Engine Rosette bow tie, $40; Gear Shift neckties, $30-$56; Race Track Maps neckties, $30-$45; Spark Plug neckties $30-45; Spark Plug pocket squares.

The above shows just a small sampling. Cruise on over to our Automotive shop and see the best gifts on earth for your gearhead. Even if he's usually covered in grease in the shop, he's got to dress up sometime, why not make it more fun!?

Racing Stripe Neckties - for the Dad who likes to go fast. June 3, 2015 13:55

As we begin the Father's Day Countdown (yes, that's National Necktie Holiday here for us..and hopefully you) it is our duty to remind you that we have tons of offerings for Dads who like to go fast!

Our Racing Stripe neckties and pocket squares, in eight different racing team-inspired livery colors.

Years ago before sponsorship logos ruled the look of race cars, the vehicle's color was associated with the homeland of the car's owner. Country colors were agreed upon in the early days of auto racing and standardized in the FIA's code. While the governing body no longer requires that race cars follow this color code, there's still much nostalgia surrounding these vintage paint schemes as well as the later, sponsored colorways -- and we have both!

Buck the trend of giving that special Father Figure a necktie he'll shove in the back of the closet, but one he'll talk about for years - and that will sure make you look like a good son, daughter, friend, partner or just a general awesome human being. Win win, right!?