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Atomic Prints for the Whole Nuclear Family! November 25, 2015 10:19 2 Comments

Cyberoptix atom print neckties

Good morning, science tie lovers! We've had so many requests for an atoms design from our loyal customers, we just had to make sure to sneak one more in before the holiday season for you.

Have a Nuclear Family? It's a perfect gift if you know someone studying nuclear medicine, atomic energy or maybe maintains a nuclear power plant in his or her spare time. Just love the retro scientific diagram shape? That's cool too! 

Repeating patterns work well on all tie shapes. This print is available in our regular standard width, narrow, skinny and extra long microfiber. Want to match Dad? It will even work on all our three kid-sized ties

We'll be releasing this on a bow tie too in just a few more days.  Interested in us up-sizing it to a scarf, we can do that too if you ask nicely!

Atom print silk tie

For you silk purists, we also offer this in both standard and narrow width silk. We've shown some favorites here in dove grey on black; light violet on eggplant and ice on french blue - but it will work well in just about any color way you can imagine. We're especially fond of tone-on-tone prints, but you can get cuckoo crazy with wild color combinations too.

Have a thing for mid-century, cold war era design?  We do to!  Here are some friends of the Atom Tie.
mid century sausages necktie

Atomic-era hot dog & fork starburst tie. A delicious tangle of intersecting atomic-era cocktail weenies and fondue fork-stars! This design echos the boomerang and kidney-shaped patterns made popular by Formica and Herman Miller in the '50's & '60's...except these aren't just shapes, they're WEENIES! Be the envy of every snappy dresser at your next cocktail party. 

Fallout Shelter neckties

Fallout Shelter print necktiesDuck and cover...your shirt! Winter feeling a little...nuclear this year? Prepare now. As you can see, the capacity of this shelter is zero -'re toast! Perfect gift for your beloved doomsday prepper, survivalist, military historian, cold war/atomic era enthusiast, mid-century buff, nuclear physicist, civil defense coordinator, vintage and industrial ephemera lover...the list goes on!
civil defense CD neckties

Civil Defense Survival Supplies Neckties. This kit held basic fallout shelter health supplies such as cotton balls, forceps, syringes, safety pins, soap...but sorry kids, nope..."no narcotics." For an authentic fallout shelter color combo, choose black on pale copper. Ammo-box and water container military colors like yellow on golden olive also look great. You can get creative with other colors too!

Honey Bee scarves. New from the 'Lab! October 18, 2015 16:39

Honey Bee pashmina scarves

Bee-loving friends: This new design is the bee's knees!  Got a Queen Bee in your life? They certainly deserve a Bee Hive Pashmina scarf. You can be the hero who gives the most perfect gift for backyard and pro beekeepers, mead makers, and all lovers of sweet, delicious honey.

Shown on both traditional weight pashmina scarves and all-season "linen-weave" scarves, honey lovers in chilly and temperate climates will all be abuzz about this new design.

Don't worry! Of course we still make this print sized especially for neckties, pocket squares and bow ties too!

Honey Bee silk necktie

Honey Bee silk necktie

Honey Bee necktie

Honey Bee microfiber necktie (non-silk, Vegan safe.)

Honey Bee bow tie

Honey Bee bow tie - perfect for even the most dapper beekeeper! 

Honey Bee pocket squares

Honey Bee pocket squares. Honey in your pocket can get a little sticky, and bees?  A little stingy!  This is a perfect solution....

Boy's honey bee clip on tie

Don't forget about the tiniest future bee keepers! Pique his or her interest early, it's never too soon to start learning about how colonies cooperate.  We have wee clip-on Honey Bee ties sized for babies, toddlers and bigger kids too.

Dinosaur Bones print - now on a scarf too. Hooray! October 12, 2015 16:02

Our Dinosaur Skeleton necktie and bow tie print is one of our all-time customer favorites. Since you so nicely asked, we've enlarged it to fit on a scarf! Be the most chic science museum visitor ever. Three different dinosaur skeletons climb and tumble: scelidosaurus, iguanodon bernissartensis and compsognathus longipes. Original illustration based on late 19th century archeological sketches.

Golden Olive dinosaur pashmina, by CyberoptixDinosaur Bones Scarf: warm cream print on golden olive linen-weave pashmina. Our linen-weave pashmina scarves are a perfect weight for all-season wear, whether you're digging in the field and need to shade yourself from the blistering sun or as an over-shoulder wrap for chilly nights.

Dinosaur pashmina: black on sandLooking for something a little warmer? We also have our Dinosaur Bones Scarf printed on regular weight pashminas too.  Shown here in black on sand, with many more colors available in the cart.

Now you can impress necks of the hautest science fashionistas and natural history buffs. Perfect gift for the paleontologist, science teacher, geology major or anyone who loves and appreciates natural history.

Dinosaur neckties

Looking for our Dinosaur Neckties?  Of course we still have those! Choose easy to care for vegan-friendly microfiber or 100% silk.

Dinosaur Bones bow ties

Have a dapper paleontologist in your life? Bow ties are cool! (And even cooler with dinosaurs fossils on them.) Find them right here in our freestyle and adjustable "real" bow tie style - the kind you tie yourself.

father and son dinosaur ties

And finally - we know there are budding, wee tiny fossil hounds out there - why not be the coolest kid in school with a Dinosaur Bones clip-on tie? Match an adult to truly level up the adorbs!