News From Inside the Tie Lab

Millllllllllions of color and design possibilities, only from the Tie Lab! June 9, 2015 14:50

Whether you need just one or enough for a whole crew of groomsmen, did you know you can order any of our 239 necktie designs in any color tie fabric and printing ink we stock? We have 74 microfiber tie fabric colors, 112 printing ink colors, 3 adult sizes, 2 kid sizes, and a third baby size tie on the way. We also have 63 colors in silk! That, my friends, is a whole lot of choices! While the exact math is way beyond me, the choice permutations are in the hundreds of thousands…maybe millions?! Yep, millions. Click to see our handy dandy color charts.

Shown here is a range of of nine designs to match the personality or interest of each guy, all in a single colorway for a group of groomsmen. Angry Laser Kitten, Poker King, Great Lakes, Whiskey Business, Sommelier, Transformer, Coffee & Cigarettes, Meat Grinder, & Old Fashioned -- all with black printing ink on sky blue ties, in our standard width microfiber.

Interested in ordering up one of our designs in any color combo you can possibly imagine? Head right over to our custom colors microfiber tie page and get creative! Looking for silk or pocket squares or any other accessories we print on? Here's our main customization page, from there you can find all the styles you can customize.

Did you know we can print YOUR artwork too? May 26, 2015 16:36

While not practical or cost-effective for single ties or scarves, we start custom artwork packages (read: YOUR design on ties and scarves!) with minimums as low as just ten pieces to start. 

If you need fewer than 50, those pieces will be our regular full price, plus set up and design fees, however if you need a whole bunch, we offer a pretty hefty discount with just 50 pieces or more! Check out our Corporate Gifting page for some examples of clients we've worked with so far, and feel free to chat with and get all details from our custom and wholesale specialist.

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