News From Inside the Tie Lab

August 08 is Vintage Synth Day! August 8, 2015 12:42

Synth and techno nerds unite. It's August 08, and of course, its our favorite numeric day of the year here in Detroit, 808 Day! We redrew this image totally new, just from looking at an original 808 drum machine, and of course we put in an Easter egg or two. We have a whole line of 808 inspired ties in both non-silk ($30)  and in 100% silk options ($45) for audiophiles so you won't hate dressing up.

We won't judge if you're not into ties at all. How about a scarf ($44) to show your love for the classic synth!

Cat for scale, because reasons.

Be sure to check out our entire Audiophile Section - where you can find all of our designs for music lovers and things that go bleep and bloop, all corralled in one tidy place.

Dirtybird x Cyberoptix Collaboration April 16, 2015 13:36

We're so, SO excited to have worked on a collaborative project with one of the best labels on planet earth: Dirtybird!

Dirtybird has long standing ties with Detroit; both the founder and label manager are from the area.  We can't wait to meet up with them during the Movement festival in Detroit, as we loving call it "Techno Christmas!"

You can see the black Dirtybird x Cyberoptix linen weave scarf on their product page right here.