News From Inside the Tie Lab

What would Satoshi Nakamoto wear? Bitcoin neckties, of course! November 10, 2015 14:19

We now have bitcoin neckties, bow ties and pocket squares echoing that beautiful golden color you love to mine, and stack, and ogle....oh  that beautiful, beautiful coin!

What better way to announce that every single item in our online shop can now be purchased with Bitcoin?!! We just had to make some ties about it, because that's what we do. Having a hard time finding places to spend your hard-earned/mined coins? Need to find shops that accept bitcoin? Have some virtual currency burning a hole in your pocket? It happens. We have a solution for you to put out that fire.

bitcoin accepted here, at cyberoptix

You make magic Internet money, now show the meatspace world how smart you are. Most people won't get it and will just think you have a cool little pattern on your tie. But you know better. Sweet gift for that cyberpunk hacker, bitcoin miner and crypto obsessed person in your life. 

bitcoin necktie, by cyberoptix
We've got our new Bitcoin logo & mining tools neckties in both vegan-safe microfiber and 100% silk

bitcoin logo pocket squares

Not a tie guy or maybe your tie needs a friend? Yes, that coin you're sitting on is burning a hole in your pocket. Stuff it with this Bitcoin pocket square. Puts out internet fires. Stops trolls, because reasons.

bitcoin bow tie

Need to walk the Silk Road red carpet? Level up with this Bitcoin bow tie. We can guarantee this is probably the coolest bow tie in the room. You heard it on the internet, it must be true.