How to order custom wedding ties and bow ties


You need a custom wedding necktie, bow tie, pocket square or scarf set. Here's a very simple & easy how-to. Save up to 20% on matching sets!

Congratulations on what'll be one of the most exciting days of your lives! Don't stress, you've already found the best wedding ties on planet earth, we're here to make it easy and fun for you. You want to stand out and be unique in as many ways as possible. We're here to make it fast and easy! We'll help you realize your personal vision for your big day.

Just take a peek at the steps below and you'll be well on your way to having the best ties and scarves on earth, in a color and design scheme made just for you. Any questions? you can call us too, 1-855-LAB-TIES.

how to order cyberoptix wedding sets, see color charts


We have over 75 fabric colors and 100 printing ink colors that you can choose from.  Isn't that absolutely crazy? Review our color charts to see what matches your wedding ceremony theme the best. If you can't find it here, well...we're not sure where you will.

You can see color charts for our standard (wide), narrow (middle) and skinny size neckties. We also have bow ties, pocket squares, ascot cravat ties, kid-sized ties, big and tall ties and even ties that clip-on for cats and dogs!  In addition to our popular non-silk line, we have 100% silk neckties in standard and narrow width for you fancy folks.

It looks great when bridesmaids and groomsmen coordinate. We have countless colors of our pashmina scarves too, and they're just as easily customizable as our neckties! Worn as shawls or wraps at weddings, they can perfectly complement your wedding dress, your bridesmaids' dresses and even your jewelry.

No matter if you prefer a fairy-tale Cinderella gown or modern day chic, you can add that extra flair using our custom pashminas and silk scarves to match perfectly with your dress colors.

Our bridesmaid wraps will add the perfect final touch to their elegant dresses while also making the perfect gift. Your guests will enjoy wearing them even long after your special day since our scarves and wraps look incredible with any outfit, casual or formal. And! Every time they wear it, they'll remember you and your special day. Once you've got it narrowed down to a few color candidates for your whole wedding party, you can move on to Step 2.


all designs for custom ties and scarves


Choose one single design to qualify for the wedding package discount. We have over 300 designs to suit the style and taste of just about any wedding party. Looking for different tie designs to reflect the personality or interest of each bridesmaid or groomsman?  Yes! We can certainly do that too, just the discount will not apply. Check our necktie linesheet,  bow tie linesheet, pocket square linesheet, and our scarf linesheet to see the design outlines in black and white - no colors to distract. Imagine your very own color combinations!

Once you decide on a design or designs for us to print, move on to step 3!


Cyberoptix custom printing ink colors


This is where you choose your printing ink color, if you haven't already. This is the color for the printed graphic that goes on the tie or scarf. You can select a tone-on-tone theme using similar colors, or you can go for a bold contrast. All designs in a given package will need to be printed in the same ink color to qualify for the package discount. You're also welcome to order a multiple printing ink colors in one package if that suits you best, but note that the discount will not apply.


order swatches for custom ties, bow ties and scarves


Order up some swatches! Fabric swatches give peace of mind. Please don't rely solely on the colors you see on your monitor. The internet is a wonderful resource in wedding planning, however the only way to be absolutely positive that you're getting the colors you have your heart set on, is to order real swatches that you can see in person. This is especially important if you're matching something you have already like a suit or a bridesmaid dress.

Ordering swatches is a very easy and inexpensive way to save yourself from dropping a bundle on the wrong color combos. It's a perfect reality check to see if you're really as in love with that super bright purple in person, as you are in your mind's eye. Order swatches right here. You will also see an option to add some printing ink samples along with your fabric swatch order - it really helps to see the ink and fabric together! We strongly suggest that. As we regret we cannot give refunds or exchanges for custom orders after we make them up for you, swatches in advance can ensure you receive the perfect ties and scarves of your dreams.


Shop now for your wedding set


So you've got your swatches, consulted with your significant other, your family, your wedding planner, Aunt Betsy, your BFF, your hairdresser, even your dog approves... and you too know what you want to order? Great! Time to head over to our wedding order page to make your selections! Any questions? We know wedding planning can be stressful, please don't hesitate to consult with Anne or Amber, our Wedding Specialists. They're here to help. Just drop them or anyone on our team a note:

The postman has arrived, time for the unboxing! Everything is in order, all is ready for your special day. Celebrate! Blog! Tweet! Facebook! Tell all the internet about it. Holler from the mountaintops.  You're done! Be sure to call your Mom. The statement you will make will be unique and memorable. Share with all your friends because you're going to look amazing.

We love seeing photos, we love seeing the ties and scarves in action! After you decompress and have had a few umbrella drinks in the sun, drop us a line and share with us how great you looked.