Dewey Decimal Classification for Literature scarf! October 11, 2015 14:33

We've got a fancy new scarf for all you lovers of libraries and literature!

Dewey Decimal Scarf, classification for Literature. By Cyberoptix

Shown here first in black print on silver linen-weave pashmina, our book scarf printed is with the 800 series of Dewey Classification. The 800 number series classifies American Literature, English Literature, American Poetry, Philosophy, Rhetoric, Essays, Dictionaries, Encyclopedias and so much more!

Dewey Decimal Literatur scarf, by Cyberoptix

Literature Scarf, shown in black print on sand regular weight pashmina.

Adapted from an 1876 text by American librarian and educator Melvil Dewey, this early system for library classification would later become the "Dewey Decimal System" we all know and love! 

Black Dewey Decimal for Literature ScarfShown in pale grey on black linen weave pashmina.

Mr. Dewey was also pushing for new ways of simpler, shorthand phonetic spelling to be used in the library sciences, even going so far as to legally change the spelling of his own surname. Though never adopted - you can see examples of his rather creative and quirky spelling ideas here on this scarf.


Dewey Decimal pashmina, bundled around the neck

Delight your favorite librarian, library science student, book lover, author, writer or poet with this perfect literary gift! We also have an accompanying necktie and pocket square coming very soon, so stay tuned Lit Lovers!