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Tie One On: Cyberoptix Blends Art and Imagination in its Lofty Space May 11, 2015 11:30

Thanks so much to Karen Dybis from Corp! Magazine for stopping by our studio the other day!

If your answer was “No,” then you’ve probably never visited Cyberoptix Tie Lab, a Detroit-based company that makes hand-screenprinted neckties, bow ties, scarves and more. One of its slogans goes something like this, “We’ve made hip guys, young and old, finally enjoy dressing up!”

Have you ever walked into someone’s office and wanted to spend all day there? You’d even volunteer as an unpaid assistant to hang around more? To say that founder Bethany Shorb has a following for her creative and unforgettable products is something of an understatement. Cyberoptix ties show up on some pretty impressive collars – some of the guys who have sported her ties include autronaut Jim Lovell, menswear designer Aki Choklat and television star Bill Nye the Science Guy...
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Out of This World Ties May 10, 2015 10:34

It's always a perfect day in the 'Lab when we receive photos of folks wearing our ties. It's even better when they've been off-planet!!! Former astronaut Jim Lovell (second from the left) is wearing our Saturn V tie!

Mr. Lovell completed his fourth mission as Spacecraft Commander of the Apollo 13 flight, April 11-17, 1970, and became the first man to journey twice to the moon.

Pictured: Gene “Failure is Not an Option” Kranz, Jim Lovell, Luigi Pizzimenti and Fred Haise. This was taken in Garden City, NY at an Apollo 13 anniversary gathering. Photo © Luigi Pizzimenti.

Thanks so much, Bruce, for sharing this with us!

Inspiration is always just around the corner in Detroit’s vibrant and growing ‘maker’ community May 8, 2015 18:39

So glad we could be part of the Model D Maker Lab event last week - thanks to everyone for coming up to the studio, The Henry Ford for organizing the event and Trinosophes for the great coffee!

"Years ago, when it started to become a thing to write about Detroit in positive terms instead of the wretched ones we all got used to, it became clear that the city wouldn’t be saved by giant conglomerations or a mega retailer or even Corporate America.

It would be saved by the makers.

A highlight of the day was going to some of these makers’ shops after the Trinosophes event (and amazing coffee). Seeing the colors, textures and sunlight streaming into the windows of Bethany Shorb’s new workplace there off of Gratiot across the street from the Eastern market area was inspiring to say the least. It’s no wonder that her Cyberoptix Tie (and Scarf!) Lab is filled with new ideas and creations; she lives and breathes Detroit’s creativity from her second-story workspace." [Read more at Detroit Unspun]

Dirtybird x Cyberoptix Collaboration April 16, 2015 13:36

We're so, SO excited to have worked on a collaborative project with one of the best labels on planet earth: Dirtybird!

Dirtybird has long standing ties with Detroit; both the founder and label manager are from the area.  We can't wait to meet up with them during the Movement festival in Detroit, as we loving call it "Techno Christmas!"

You can see the black Dirtybird x Cyberoptix linen weave scarf on their product page right here.

Bill Nye the Science Guy wearing a Cyberoptix bow tie! April 16, 2015 08:30

Regram from Bill Nye The Science Guy 's Instagram - not every day do you wake up to see Bill Nye wearing one of your bow ties!!!! We were so honored to be a part of one of Mr. Science Guy's Quarterly boxes.

If you missed out, you can get your own DNA bow tie right here.

Mustang Ties for Business or Casual Wear April 2, 2015 15:33

Thanks so much to our friends at Mustang Monthly Magazine for taking the time for such in-depth coverage on our line of automotive-inspired neckwear!

"We may live in a casual world these days, but wearing a tie is far from a lost art. Besides the typical business suit needs, many wear ties with distinctive patterns/designs to express their individuality or to proudly promote their favorite brands, sports teams, television show, or hobbies. As Mustang owners we’ve been known to rock a Mustang tie or two over the years, but designs have been far and few between for us of the Ford faith. That’s quickly becoming a moot point today as the neckwear fanatics at Cyberoptix TieLab understand the need for exclusive tie, pocket square, and scarf designs for all sorts of enthusiasts and not just us car junkies. From space exploration to animals, science and technology, and music, Cyberoptix offers hundreds of designs that will tie in (pun intended!) with your favorite hobby, career, or event. Yes, Cyberoptix even has wedding packages they can create with their designs!" [Read more at Mustang 360]

Inside the Workshop October 13, 2014 01:58

Ever wonder what it looks like inside a custom tie workshop? Our friend Paul over at United Photo Works shot us working the other day. Here's an aerial view of tie-making-wonderment! You can see our internetting (hiiii!), customer service, printing, heat setting, wrapping, and shipping stations. And lots and lots and LOTS of screens. Not seen - darkroom, because dark.