Father and Son Ties for Father's Day! June 2, 2015 10:37

Father and Son ties are here for Father's Day! ...And Father and Daughter, Mother and Daughter, Mother and Son ties too! Don't forget about those grandparents and grandchildren, we can do generations of matching ties! Did you know that we can print just about any of our designs on coordinating smaller ties? Shown above is our Video Game Controller Necktie design, custom printed in glow pink on plum adult narrow size with a matching toddler clip-on size in the same hue. While the cart already lists tons of cute, tried-and-true color options, yes, for just $5 more, we can't print up your kiddo tie order in ANY colorway you wish!

Absolutely everyone can enjoy wearing ties, and every little human looks especially cute in a tie, not just wee lil' guys. Little girls look SO cute and stylish in small ties.  How cool would it be to match Dad! Get creative with color, and if you have any questions about tie size, printed design or color availability, feel free to just drop us an email and we'll be happy to help consult with you.

(An array of designs translated to kid size: Apollo Soyuz; Circuit Board; Red Robot; Bicycle; Skull & Bones; Beer; Octopus Tentacles; Bee Hive; Detroit Blueprint.)

Our clip-on ties come in two sizes, toddler size (recommended for about 2-5 years old) and youth size (5-11).  You can see all our kiddie colors right here, just look for the check-box in the size you need - we have about colors 50 to choose from. Because you have been asking, in about six weeks, we'll also be introducing a band new baby size tie too in about 50 colors! Those smallest ties will fit 0-2 years.

(Our Poppy design in youth size, silver on black. Toddler size, silver on burgundy.)

Want your pets to match too? Who wouldn't, pets wearing ties is absolutely irresistible, they're the stars of the internet! Below is Rozwell the StudioCat, he's wearing a solid color turquoise toddler-size tie. It is safely clipped right to his collar, and he loves wearing it because we all shower extra attention on him when it's on. He's a big boy at 15 pounds (!!) so we can't wait to get those baby sized ties finished, as they'll be purrrrrfect for cats and small dogs.  Right now our toddler and youth ties fit great on fat cats, medium and large size dogs.