4 Simple Tips to Help You Pick the Right Size Tie June 27, 2016 18:33 1 Comment

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“What size ties are in style?”

As tie makers, that’s one of the most common questions we’re asked. We get asked this all the time. The answer? The one that’s right for your body type!
Tons of different width ties are "in style," but said fashionableness depends on a few things. Buying one for yourself or a bunch of groomsmen in a wedding? Look no further, we're here to help!
The tie's size alone has nothing to do with whether it’ll look good on you. It’s all about proportion! Want to look your best? Here are 4 tips to consider that will help you select the perfect tie. Be mindful of the following, in order to get in the well-knotted CLUB:
1. Collar
2. Lapel
3. Use
4. Body Type

C-L-U-B.  See what we did there?  Now you can remember!
Let’s start with B first, as it is by far the most important.

Proportion Rule #1: Your tie should match your BODY type.

The length and width of your tie should correspond to your body size and build. Humans, come in all shapes and sizes, and we know they’re all equally beautiful! That’s why we stock 3 adult tie widths, 1 extra long length and 3 kid’s sizes too! Kid-size clip-ons are also perfect for our 4-legged companions, who look so cute in them.

necktie sizing guide, by Cyberoptix
We stock standard width (aka regular or wide), narrow width (aka slim, middle or modern cut) and skinny width (super, super thin.) We even carry an extra long length in the wide size in a whole bunch of colors!
So how do you determine what size tie is best for your body type? Were here to help guide you. Bigger, taller and “athletic" people usually look best with our standard width ties. They range from 3.5 to just under 4 inches. Thin to average and shorter shaped humans look great in our middle width, narrow cut ties; they each range from 2.5 - 3 inches wide. We call narrow our “Goldilocks” size - because it’s juuuuuuust right!  Our skinny ties, under 2 inches wide, are a favorite among much smaller humans with a slight build.
No matter what the width of your tie is, the bottom tip should always fall to the very top of your belt buckle.
Too much space between the tip of your tie and your belt buckle? Is your tie coming up a little short after tying the knot? You might need and XL tie! Extra-long ties are typically 4 inches longer than regular-length ties. Our regular ties average about 58 inches long; our extra-longs are about 62 inches long.

We love math: Want to calculate to see if you really need an XL tie? Add your height in inches with your your neck-size in inches. If the number is greater than 91 inches you should probably consider trying out an extra long tie. See? Easy!

Proportion Rule #2: Wearing a shirt? (We hope so.) Consider the size and shape of your COLLAR.

The size of your necktie’s knot should fill the empty space between your collar. Bigger tie knots require more tie, while smaller knots require less. Larger knots like the Full Windsor are are better suited for spread collars and semi-spread collars; they also work well with standard width ties. Button down and Point collars look best with narrow and skinny ties, and when tied with a smaller knot, such as the four-in-hand.

Proportion Rule #3: Wearing a jacket? Consider the width of your LAPEL!

Your jacket needs to complement your tie. The narrower your tie, the narrower your jacket’s lapels should be. Take a look at what you have in your closet and see if you’d be better off with narrow or standard.

Our ~1.5 inch skinny ties will look best with modern European cut suits. We recommend single breasted suits with one, two, or three buttons when wearing a with a skinny tie.

Proportion Rule #4: Consider the tie’s USE.

What kind of adventure are you going on? Work?  Play? Something in between?  Something fun or somber and serious?  And what are YOU like, does this tie fit your personality? 

Skinny ties are the most fashion-forward; they’re fun for going out and for risk takers looking to push the style envelope. Narrow ties are perfect for slimmer jacket silhouettes and lapels, and look great on most-sized humans and are appropriate for just about any event.  Standard width ties are best for larger people and those going for a more traditional look - they’re best for the office.

Finally, we have to mention, we here over at the 'Lab don't like rules, and rules are meant to be broken...so have fun with it, but feel free to use these tips if you're having anxiety about finding the perfect tie! You don't need tie anxiety.