Corporate gifting, organizational gifts, promotional gifts, uniform ties and more!

Yes, we hate those regular old boring logo ties too.
That's not what we're here for. We can make much better logo-inspired gifts for you!

Personalized logo neckties and bow ties don’t always have to feature obvious branding, like one logo slapped in the middle of your tie, or the standard step and repeat logo pattern. We can do that if you need, but we invite you to step out of the traditional necktie box! Your own technical drawings, architectural renderings, product schematics and location maps are all ways you can tell your company's or organization's unique story artfully - while still leaving the recipient with something he or she wants to keep wearing, and never relegating his or her cherished gift forever to the back of the drawer. It's important to create a design people will love and remember, and keep on wearing. Studies have revealed that promotional products outlive traditional advertising such as tv, radio and magazine ads -- in fact most promotional items last for years -- so you can be assured that this is budget well spent.

You can submit your own camera-ready artwork or hire us to create a custom design inspired by the culture and branding of your company or event.

While ties aren't just for guys, we also do scarves!
Custom pashmina scarves and shawls make unique corporate gifts, they are an ideal medium to reinforce your company’s identity and corporate message, while still being cool.

How many do you need? We can work with just about any number. The cost for developing a new design, making the films, burning the screens and doing test prints is costly (much more than for generic t-shirt printing), and too cost-prohibitive for just a few ties. However!  Our minimums are extraordinarily low at just 10 pieces (really, no one else does that), plus set-up cost, and we can turn it around in just a few weeks. Our very best pricing starts at just 50 pieces. Most custom tie-makers won't even talk to you until you reach 150-500 pieces total, and it will take months from start to finish. We're not those guys.

Please contact with how many ties and/or scarves you think you may need, an idea of your artwork, and when you'll need them in hand. Our attentive wholesale and custom rep will get right back to you as soon as humanly possible.

If you are going to need a large amount printed, we can accommodate that too!

With enough lead time, we can produce as many as you could ever need, and then some. We look forward to serving you and helping your business grow.

Please note:  We can never print artwork that is copyrighted to third parties without official authorization, and we will not copy someone else's design.

Some brands that we have made custom ties for