News From Inside the Tie Lab

Pick up your tie or scarf order right in Detroit! April 27, 2016 16:15

Pick up your order at The Peacock Room!

Hey tie fans.  A little bird told us something...actually, a big brightly plumed bird told us some really juicy news!

Starting Monday, May 02, 2016, we're excited to announce our NEW local pick-up location right in downtown Detroit - a spot much closer and more convenient to you, and to our workshop! 

We're partnering with our BFF's at 
The Peacock Room Detroit for Peacock Pickups! Even more exciting?  The Peacock Room is open 7 days a week for all your freaky-immediate tie and scarf needs. And bonus? We can't even begin to imagine the other goodies you'll find in Rachel's incredible store.  It's super amazing!


The Peacock Room 
(Inside the Park Shelton, right next to the DIA)
15 East Kirby Street
Detroit, MI 48202

M-F: 11am-7pm | Sat: 10am-7pm | Sun: 12pm-6pm

I know, I know, but isn't parking there utter crap with the M-1 construction?! Nope! If you didn't know, it's almost done on that part of Woodard, and it's all done on the Peacock side! Yay! So no crap anymore. Hooray! But even better? You can also park for 2 hours FREE in the attached structure on Woodward with validation from the Peacock Room, -OR- or there is a 15-minute pickup zone right outside the door to The Park Shelton on Kirby. Easy peasy!

If you're interested picking up your order placed online with us at The Peacock Room, we do still have to process, make and deliver your order up to the store. Please order a few days prior to your desired pickup date so we can have it ready and transported there for you. We recommend ordering by Thursday afternoon at the latest for a weekend pickup, Sunday evening for a Tuesday pickup, etc.

If you'd like to pick up your order at The Peacock Room, please just let us know when you check out that you'd like to pick it up there (there will be a notes field at the last screen), and very importantly, when you need your order by. If you're picking up, we'll refund your shipping cost. If you miss the notes field, don't fret - just drop us an email after and we'll match your order up.

rust belt market

That also brigs us some bittersweet news.  After over two years, this weekend will be our last weekend up at The Rust Belt Market in Ferndale. Online orders placed through this week can still be picked up there through Sunday May 01, which is our last day at the Market. We had an amazing time there, thanks so much to Chris and Tiffany who run Rust Belt, all our neighbors there and all of you who came to visit!

BUT WHY ARE WE LEAVING RUST BELT??? Why on Earth would we do that?

Here comes the rollercoaster of emotions!

BECAUSE OMG OMG OMG OMG we're opening up a retail store in Detroit!!! Like, our very own! But that's all we can say on that right now.  But we promise it'll be rad.  We super promise.  We have to put all our energy and resources into getting our new shop set up, so we bid the most epic fond farewell to our friends at Rust Belt while we get the new space up and running. You'll probably see us there again at The 'Belt for a pop-up during the Holidays.

More infos on the exciting new digs once the ink is dry!