About Cyberoptix Tie Lab

Whether you love ties or love to hate ties, you've arrived at a place where you can choose from thousands of design and color combinations. The shopping cart displays tried-and-true options we've already picked out for you -- or, you can create your very own, in a combo no one else will have!

Home of the original TIES THAT DON'T SUCK! The Cyberoptix TieLab was started in 2006 after noticing a void in creative, yet sophisticated neckwear. We specialize in making men and women of all ages undeniably presentable. We dutifully outfit gangs of groomsmen, bridesmaid and ring- bearers with our very customizable color schemes. So far, we've proudly printed nearly a million neckties, all by hand, with no automation, machines, press or even clamps! We have really strong arms as a result! (Sometimes we affectionately call this place the Tie Lab Gym...)

Customization is usually a long, difficult process.
We're here to change that.

We've selected tons of design and color combinations that we know look great on everyone. However, as tie makers we know all the fun is really in the design process. You're invited to join in that process of selecting just about any print color and tie fabric you can imagine! We've come up with hundreds of designs for you to choose from in just about any colorway under the sun. We have themes that are created from historic military documents, medical ephemera, Victorian botanical drawings and architectural renderings. Some of our favorite days are spent in dusty museum cabinets of curiosities, junk shops and estate sales to find obscure bits of inspiration that we'll re-draw in the tie shape. We're particularly drawn to pattern-based necktie designs, ornamentation that looks like a traditional necktie motif, but has a little something extra hidden within the pattern -- these surprises always delight us as designers, but are even more fun for you, the tie wearer!

Cyberoptix Tie Lab Founder Bethany Shorb

Lee heat setting prints at Cyberoptix studio
"Made to order" doesn't mean made to wait around!

We understand that often the last minute is the best minute -- birthdays, anniversaries and even weddings can sneak up on you! We print to order and ship Monday-Friday, and often work long into the weekends. This is how we are able to offer literally thousands of color, print, and size options for you -- yet still keep our prices very affordable. No excess printed-inventory collecting dust = better prices and more flexibility for you.

Cyberoptix screen printer Jess
Our bespoke printing service.

For only $5 more, you can build a necktie, bow tie, pocket square or scarf in the perfect color and design combination that is unique to your style, the event you're planning, or organization you belong to. You can choose from over 100 fabric colors, over 100 printing ink colors, six tie sizes, countless fabric choices, and over 400 graphics. The really crazy part? We'll have it out the door to you in just a couple of days. No waiting. Your time is worth more than that.

Click here to create a custom color and design combination


Cyberoptix has countless color choices for every day and custom orders
We only use materials and supplies that are best for you.

We exclusively print with environmentally responsible, water-based inks. They're better for the health of our planet, the people who make your ties in our workshop, and they perform much better on fine fabrics like silk. You know that thick, cracked graphic on your t-shirt? You sure don't want that on your tie -- that's solvent-based printing ink. Yuck!

Microfiber is our most selected tie fabric - and what is microfiber anyway? The stuff you clean your glasses with? It is very similar. "Micro" (tiny!) describes the size of the fiber in the fabric. It is an extraordinarily fine-weave synthetic silk, about the exact opposite of what comes to mind when thinking of that rough, scratchy 70's tie. Fabric technology has come a long way in 50 years. Bonus: It is washable!

So why not exclusively silk? Many people who choose not to consume animal products for ethical and religious reasons wear nothing derived from living things - and that includes silk and wool. In order to welcome our vegan clients and people who hate the bother of dry cleaning, we have decided to carry ties and pocket squares in both microfiber (non-silk) and the traditional silk. We make our scarves in viscose pashmina (plant fiber, non-wool) as well as silk. Many of our customers travel frequently for work (like sales reps and touring bands) and dry cleaning is not always a convenient option, therefore making silk ties that require delicate handling, rather impractical. If silk is not a sensible or ethical option for you, we offer each and every one of our designs in microfiber, which is durable and easy to take care of. It also costs less and hardly looks and feels any different. Who the heck can argue with that?! Still a silk snob? We've got you covered, no worries.

M Armand printing custom pashmina scarves

In order to provide you with the most unique accessories in the whole world, our necktie and scarf fabric is handmade by our trusted, vetted and inspected partners. They are super awesome weaving specialists who make the actual fabric we screen print on. Each and every tie is hand sewn. We pick threads, agonize over weave textures and measurements, resulting in beautiful bespoke ties for our printing hands. We've designed a color range for you that no one else has, in a quality that you can be confident in.

Community outreach, Cyberoptix community work initiatives

Giving back.

With the help of Mayor Mike Duggan and Detroit’s philanthropic and corporate leaders, Cyberoptix is proud to partner with Grow Detroit’s Young Talent. 

Grow Detroit's Young Talent is a six week summer youth employment program that combines work readiness training with on-the-job experience designed to prepare Detroiters, ages 14 to 24, for Detroit’s workforce. Eligible young people are recruited through local schools, community organizations, and the city’s workforce development system. Youth are matched to employers based on interest, ability, and accessibility.

Paid Summer Internship programs through GDYT.

We welcomed Malik from the Jalen Rose Leadership Academy to our studio. In his 6 weeks with us through Grow Detroit's Young Talent initiative in partnership with City Connect Detroit, he learned to assist with waterbased screen printing, our social media presence, cloud-based project management software and retailer relations.

Cyberoptix partners with Grow Detroit's Young Talent
Cyberoptix community outreach

Community Involvement.

Recently we joined community leaders for Career Day at Clippert Academy Magnet School in Southwest Detroit, an important mentoring day for students in our city. Clippert has an abundance of partnerships to help students learn and grow.

Those include:

  • Strategic Staffing Solutions
  • Southwest Solutions
  • Inside Out Literary Arts
  • El Arte
  • Cranbrook Horizons Upward-Bound Program
  • Mercy Education Project
  • Wayne State University
  • Eastern Michigan University
  • Michigan State University
  • Skillman Foundation.

Transitional Work Programs.

We've worked extensively with professional wardrobe Lending Libraries helping to outfit the homeless and incarcerated who are on the journey to restarting their lives.

Jazmin is an East Coast librarian working with adult job seekers. Through generous tie donations from Cyberoptix Tie Lab, Jaz has been able to help connect gentlemen to their very own ties, a first for many of them.

At the library, people come for resume help and job flyers, but a tie can help a job seeker truly feel prepared and professional. Attendees of Hakim Cunningham Consulting's career workshop received career resources and advice and were able to take ties home.

The residents at Wyman Community Reentry will also have ties to help them look professional at meetings and job interviews, vital for helping these returning citizens reintegrate into their communities.

Teens will also have a chance to customize ties, adding personal flair to their very own dapper accessory and getting them thinking about careers.

Meet the Cyberoptix production team

Meet everyone in our Detroit studio!

We do everything in house, from all of the artwork and designs that go on your ties, to sourcing all the fabrics we print on, laser cutting our leather and felt luxury line, making our own silkscreens, custom-mixing every printing ink color, to all of our product photography and order fulfillment. We're a bunch of control freaks, so we can serve you better.

Bethany Shorb, owner, founder, creative director of Cyberoptix Tie Lab

Bethany is Founder and Creative Director of the Cyberoptix Tie Lab. Even after a decade, she still creates each and every necktie and scarf design herself. In addition to all the design work, she produces, directs and edits all of the product photography, editorial imagery, online store and social media content. She's at the helm with press relations, product prototyping, materials sourcing, retail management and web development -- with her old school 1999 web chops that pre-date the internet having pictures.

A graduate of Cranbrook Academy of Art in sculpture, she's often concurrently building displays and usually answers the door with a hammer or drill and is absolutely always covered in paint. The cat is still the real boss.

Rozwell Pantone Cool Grey 11C, aka Studio Cat.

He's really the boss! Main model and photobomber. Social Media specialist, manipulator of internets. He is the current face of our new line of ties for cats and dogs. Roz is quite the gentleman, he knows to only lay in cat-approved spaces, never on your ties!


Rozz, HCIC
Emma - Production Manager


Emma is production manager at Cyberoptix; she helps hand-print every one of your ties and scarves, made to order! She began in the summer of 2014, as one of our runners. Imported from the land down under, moving to Detroit in 2006.

When not printing, Emma can be found exploring the surrounds, listening to her jazz records, watching bad reality TV, and fawning over her magnificent dog, Wyatt (baby WyWy).

Manzin is operations manager and head of inventory, wholesale, and shipping. When not in the Lab, this Cyberoptix veteran dons yet another (pointier, taller) hat as co-owner and co-operator of 6Witch3, a  store for witchy types in need of supplies, tools, jewelry, gifts, and sundries.

They can also be found on either end of a camera, working on a growing collection of internet memes, or developing a detergent that makes black clothes blacker with each wash.

To date Manzin has only packaged Roz for shipment once and swears it was completely by accident (the incident is still under investigation by HR).



Pilar - Wholesale Specialist
Pilar manages our wholesale accounts with he utmost love and care. She comes to us with a background in Fashion, Entertainment and the Non-Profit community. She exudes enthusiasm and positive energy while also being quite unflappable… unless there’s a caterpillar in the room!


"You guys are awesome. I hope you storm the world with your ties and your excellent humor--not to mention your superior customer service. I haven't seen service like this since the days when you drove up to a gas station and 8 gorgeous men ran out and serviced your car while they pumped your gas.. for 45 cents a gallon! Twelve thumbs up for you." - Gloria, IL

"Hello Molly and the team, You are amazing!! Thank you so much for going the extra mile (or hundred!) so that the pashminas get to my Aunty in Fullerton so quickly…We had one of our wedding suppliers spring an extra cost on us yesterday for zipp - it's a big deal 2 weeks out from the big day for us, especially when we've budgeted all year. My sister and I were talking about how disappointing it is when people see an opportunity to take advantage and I told her about how fantastic you've been, in comparison to this wedding supplier. I have to tell you that being able to give these beautiful gifts out before the wedding to my special peeps is going to be a HUGE highlight of the wedding, for me. This wouldn't have been possible without you being so generous with your excellent customer service, attention to detail and just being so nice. Thank you Molly (and the team), you get the gold star out of all the suppliers we've been in touch with for this damn and blasted wedding. Many, many thanks and kind regards." - Louise P., Australia

Cyberoptix has been featured in:

"Bethany Shorb is breathing some long overdue freshness into neckties with her CYBEROPTIX TIE LAB. ...At around $40, these handmade beauties blow department store ties out of the water." -JoshSpear

"These ties are the perfect way to say, "I'm hip, AND I have I job."
-BEN POPKEN , Consumerist

"...A fine line of beautifully darkly illustrated hand screen printed 100% charmeuse silk or poly-blend based ties." - NOTCOT

"Who needs to wear boring old ties when you can refashion them? The ties have all been silkscreened, cut apart, riveted, and stitched to distinctly new heights." - MakeMagazine

Now that you've met everyone, come on in and start shopping!