News From Inside the Tie Lab

Boswell shoots Cyberoptix for Ambassador Magazine July 8, 2015 01:07

Never be afraid of mixing patterns! Our horizontal stripe typography-inspired silk Detroit Bus Scroll necktie ($45) pairs extraordinarily well with contrasting dots on both a shirt and pocket square. One of the most talented local (and international!) photographers Boswell shot a smashing spread for the June/July issue of Ambassador Magazine

You can see the whole shoot right here online. Boswell's studio focuses mainly on editorial fashion, beauty and portraiture. This shoot is one of our favorites!

Intuit Quickbooks vists our studio! First in a series of videos. June 8, 2015 13:02

Bethany Shorb, founder of Cyberoptix Tie Lab with Intuit Quickbooks

Throughout the month of June, Intuit Quickbooks is highlighting small businesses based right here in Detroit, Michigan.  We're not sure how, but they picked us as a stop on their video tour!  Every day this week on their Facebook page, they'll be releasing another minute-long Q & A about some aspect of how we do things here at Cyberoptix - from challenges to proud moments. What they focus on will be just as much a surprise to us as it is to all of you, we talked for a whole day and have no idea what little gems (or gaffes) they selected.

Cyberoptix, Episode 1“Our client base keeps us going; the range and breadth of interests that they have, of life experience that they have, that’s what inspires us.” Your clients have passions, too. Let them be your guides. #OWNIT

Posted by Intuit QuickBooks on Monday, June 8, 2015

We were really happy to speak about our customers, as that is who keeps us going. From cats to kids to real astronauts, we have a great time dressing everyone up. Of course our internet famous Studio Cat has a cameo in this one...

Thanks so much too, to their production crew who did such a great job and got some beautiful shots of our space inside The Rust Belt Market!

Bethany Shorb, founder of Cyberoptix Tie Lab, interviewed on WJR Radio May 29, 2015 20:30

Cyberoptix Tie Lab on WJR RadioWe were so excited when Paul W. Smith of WJR 960am invited the Tie Lab's founder to be on the air for his Friday evening Opportunity Detroit show! You can hear a podcast of Bethany Shorb, from Cyberoptix Tie Lab have a 10 minute conversation with Mr. Smith -- they talk about ties, the Lab's near infinite color customization, the benefits of starting a business in Detroit and of course, the requisite quips about being an "unusual woman."

Paul W. Smith
is also the host of WJR‘s “Paul W. Smith Show,” heard every weekday morning on WJR 760am. Whether he is interviewing the head of a major local company, the governor, or a Hollywood celebrity, Paul has a warm and conversational style that keeps listeners tuned in. Paul W. Smith brings a wealth of broadcast experience, knowledge, and credibility to Opportunity Detroit.

Opportunity Detroit has teamed up with Detroit’s WJR radio to bring you EVERYTHING Detroit. Endless amounts of positive energy and influence are spreading throughout the city -- there’s a lot going on in Detroit, and it’s time to get the word out to the rest of Michigan and surrounding areas. The show focuses exclusively on Detroit, its ongoing revitalization and the people who are working tirelessly to reshape the Motor City. Opportunity Detroit airs every Friday night from 7-8 p.m.

Detroit retailers to host pop-up market at Mackinac Policy Conference May 26, 2015 11:03

(Pictured above: Rachel Lutz, photo by Nick Hagen)

We can't wait to head up to Mackinac tomorrow with our good friend Rachel from The Peacock Room who has been such an incredible supporter of us and small businesses in the city as a whole.

A handful of Detroit-based entrepreneurs will make their pitch for the importance of small business in the future of the city's economy at this week's Mackinac Policy Conference.

"The Mackinaw Policy Conference is always about big things -- big politicians, big lobbying firms, big issues," says Rachel Lutz, owner of The Peacock Room in Midtown's Park Shelton building. "If we're going to have a conversation about the state's economy, we should also speak about small business."

Lutz and a few of her peers (all women who are owners of Detroit-based small businesses) will facilitate that conversation through a small business pop-up market on Mackinac Island during the conference. The other three business participating are Cyberoptix Tie Lab (a scarves and tie maker), Sweet Potato Sensations (a second-generation family-owned bakery), and Rebel Nell (a jewelry company with a social mission). [Read more at Model D....]

Inspiration is always just around the corner in Detroit’s vibrant and growing ‘maker’ community May 8, 2015 18:39

So glad we could be part of the Model D Maker Lab event last week - thanks to everyone for coming up to the studio, The Henry Ford for organizing the event and Trinosophes for the great coffee!

"Years ago, when it started to become a thing to write about Detroit in positive terms instead of the wretched ones we all got used to, it became clear that the city wouldn’t be saved by giant conglomerations or a mega retailer or even Corporate America.

It would be saved by the makers.

A highlight of the day was going to some of these makers’ shops after the Trinosophes event (and amazing coffee). Seeing the colors, textures and sunlight streaming into the windows of Bethany Shorb’s new workplace there off of Gratiot across the street from the Eastern market area was inspiring to say the least. It’s no wonder that her Cyberoptix Tie (and Scarf!) Lab is filled with new ideas and creations; she lives and breathes Detroit’s creativity from her second-story workspace." [Read more at Detroit Unspun]

Mustang Ties for Business or Casual Wear April 2, 2015 15:33

Thanks so much to our friends at Mustang Monthly Magazine for taking the time for such in-depth coverage on our line of automotive-inspired neckwear!

"We may live in a casual world these days, but wearing a tie is far from a lost art. Besides the typical business suit needs, many wear ties with distinctive patterns/designs to express their individuality or to proudly promote their favorite brands, sports teams, television show, or hobbies. As Mustang owners we’ve been known to rock a Mustang tie or two over the years, but designs have been far and few between for us of the Ford faith. That’s quickly becoming a moot point today as the neckwear fanatics at Cyberoptix TieLab understand the need for exclusive tie, pocket square, and scarf designs for all sorts of enthusiasts and not just us car junkies. From space exploration to animals, science and technology, and music, Cyberoptix offers hundreds of designs that will tie in (pun intended!) with your favorite hobby, career, or event. Yes, Cyberoptix even has wedding packages they can create with their designs!" [Read more at Mustang 360]