We're an independent, Detroit-based internet boutique store with a team of tie-obsessed printing, customer service, and shipping helpers. We enjoy doting on you the same way as if you'd just walked into your favorite local fancy main street shop. Through magic tubes and kittens, we deliver ties from your computer right to your doorstep. We keep you looking fresh and fashion forward: our goal is to rid the world of ugly, boring ties! We've been doing this for over ten years now, so don't fret, we're here to get you sorted! 

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As of July 2023 we've partnered with Route, an extremely handy-dandy team who is available to help solve all your shipping issues at the press of a couple buttons! We're really excited to add them to our team and hope that you took the opportunity to include the Green Package Protection option when you checked out.

Please keep in mind that all advice from this point forward assumes that you do not have Route protection on your order. If you purchased Route protection, questions should be directed to them at the link below.

If you did add Green Package Protection at checkout, please file a claim with the Route team here for quick assistance with “in-transit” related issues.

If you did not spring for protection (or you're just curious to read more about the utterly fascinating world of product transit policy a la Cyberoptix), read on!

Where is my package coming from?

The Cyberoptix TieLab is located in a shiny, glass-and-neon-fronted box of delight named Well Done Goods in Detroit's Eastern Market, just a couple of minutes walk from Vivios (and their legendary Bloody Marys). The zip code is 48207 for those handy with the USPS ship time estimator.

How long before my order ships? 

We're speedy! Orders placed M-F usually ship in the next 1-3 days as all ties and scarves are printed to order. Orders placed on Saturday or Sunday will typically ship on Tuesday or Wednesday. Calculating your arrival time is a bit of a dark art but we promise, we're the fastest in the industry for what we do!

For shipping calculation, if you order after 4pm Friday (for example), your order will be processed but not printed until the print team returns Monday morning. Your order would then ship Tuesday which would be the first business day. This timeframe is an example only and actual production time will vary based on material availability, the size of your order, if your order includes something printed with reflective ink (add 2 days for extra drying time), the numbers of orders ahead of yours, and similar factors. Large orders and cufflinks/pins can sometimes take up to 2 weeks to prepare but generally things are ready much sooner than that. 

 What carrier do you use? How long does shipping take?

We ship by USPS Ground Advantage (2-5 business days once shipped) and Priority Mail (2-3 business days once shipped) within the United States. Outside of the US, we ship First Class International, which can take anywhere from 7-21+ business days to arrive once we ship. If you need it faster, you can upgrade to Express domestic, Priority Mail International, or Express International at the checkout (It's pretty expensive though, and prices are not set by us, so please don't get mad!) 

I need it to arrive on Sunday/holiday/before noon! Is this possible?

We're not magicians (well, probably not) but we do have a few tricks up our sleeves that we reserve for emergencies. Please contact us to sort your options.

If I order with Express on Friday will I get it on Saturday?

We can’t bend time, as much as we'd like to (see above re: magicians). Express orders take 1-2 business days depending on the destination zip code. If you choose Express on Friday before 10am EST, it should arrive by Monday latest but many major cities could see the package arrive on Saturday. If you're in a time crunch, please email us with the zip code you'd like it to go to, and we can provide a better estimate on Express times. 

What if I am in Alaska or Hawaii or APO/FPO?

We still love you a lot and we wish we could visit you to see your awesome landscape! Please allow 3-4 business days for USPS Priority Mail (our standard shipping) and 2 to 3 business days for Express shipping. For APO/FPO orders, please allow a bit longer -- times vary on those, but we're proud to deliver to our service men and women.

Can you mark my package as a gift so I don't have to pay customs/duty?

Sorry, we never mark merchandise as a gift, that is not legal. The fines after getting busted purposely marking things wrong are pretty terrible and we (or you!) can't afford it! Any tariffs, taxes, or customs fees are the sole responsibility of the buyer and we do not collect VAT on behalf of customers in the UK or EU.

When you import items from outside your home country, from time to time customs offices decide there is money due, especially on larger orders.  The amount (if any) due is at the sole discretion of the customs agent that periodically inspects inbound parcels, and in most cases we here at the 'Lab have no way of providing estimates of taxes/duty due.

That being said, if you're in Canada you can prepay your customs/import duty! 

  • First-Class Mail International fee: $7.95

  • Priority Mail International and Priority Mail Express International fees: $9.95

Drop us an email and we can invoice you for the addition to your shipment. 

My order is marked as delivered but I don't have it. What now?

Once a package is marked as accepted by the USPS, it is the carrier's property and they alone are responsible for what happens to it until it ends up in your hands. If a package is misdelivered, damaged, or stolen it is up to you to file a report and to work with your local post office. They have far more information available than we do in terms of who the carrier is, the local weather conditions that may have prevented delivery, the neighborhood crime rate, and any of the other factors involved with package transit. 

We are not responsible for mistakes made by shipping companies including packages stolen from doorsteps or mailboxes, items damaged in transit, boxes that arrive without their contents, misdirected or misdelivered packages, delayed or infrequent tracking updates, or any other sort of operational bungling. We regret that we are no longer able to offer a replacement/refund for orders shipped without Route protection unless it was shipped to one of the very few countries Route doesn't cover.

I forgot to update my address. Can you help?

Did you receive a shipping notice? If your package hasn't been sent yet, email us ASAP with your corrected address and we'll be sure to fix it pronto! If your package is already on its way, there are a couple ways of handling things. If we messed up and sent your package to the incorrect address we're happy to reship the order to you on our dime. If we were given an old or inaccurate address (the address was right but the apartment number was left off, or the house number was entered as 1449 instead of 1440) then you are responsible for the cost of shipping the package again and we will send you a PayPal money request to cover the cost. Please, please double check your address to be certain everything is perfect!

I got a notice that I owe customs fees but I don't want to pay it and they sent it back to you. Reship it to me at once!

Orders returned by customs can be shipped again, we will send you an invoice for the price of reshipment via whichever speed you prefer.

If you don't want to pay to have the items reshipped, your order will be considered returned and you will be refunded the original purchase price minus the 25% restocking fee unless your order isn't eligible for return. Please consult the returns page for more information. 

I checked the tracking and my package is stuck and hasn't moved in days! HELP!

Tracking is not the most reliable and often causes worry when there is none, especially for our international customers. Sadly, not everyone in the post system is as type-A as we are about posting updates. Frequently the package will say that it's "departed Chicago sorting facility" and there will be nothing for sometimes a week or more until it's scanned somewhere on the other side. It's not uncommon for international packages to take a month or longer to arrive via First Class Mail.

For international orders, if it has been more than 21 business days and your package still hasn't arrived, send us an email. On the US side of things, if it's been several days and your package hasn't been updated, send us an email. 

I paid for Express and it was supposed to be here in X days but it's late!

Express domestic is the only method for which the USPS will guarantee an arrival date. If your package arrives late in some cases we can refund your shipping, contact us for more info. 

USPS does not guarantee arrival dates for many countries and customs delays can significantly delay a package. Usually not Express or Priority packages, but sometimes those too. Neither Route nor we are responsible for shipping delays caused by customs agencies or delivery companies.

I already placed an order with standard shipping but now I need it faster. How do I upgrade an order already in progress?

US customers can purchase this listing and send us an email letting us know which order you need the upgrade applied to. Detective work takes extra time so for ultimate quickness, don't forget the email! For our international friends, your costs will be different so please email us so that we may send you a PayPal invoice.

How are orders packaged?

For regular orders, we wrap the entire order as a single bundle in recycled brown kraft tissue paper and butcher's string with a card explaining how to care for the tie. Single gift boxes are sent in bubble wrap inside a bubble mailer while multiple gift boxes will travel together in style, snuggled in a nest of heavy brown paper tucked inside a cardboard shipping box.

We do offer the option to upgrade to individual wrapping for each item in your order if you want Tom, Dick, and Harry to each be able to unwrap their own gifts instead of the mad free-for-all of pawing at a single bundle of scarves. Need a gift box? We offer multiple options!

Several years ago one of our dear customers did a video of himself unwrapping one of our packages to him. Here it is!

I live in/near Detroit or I'm visiting the area, can I pick up my order?


You can opt to collect your order from our retail store - and browse all our new goodies too! Select "In-Store Pickup" as your shipping method when your order is placed and we'll email you when it's ready to go. Currently this option is only visible for shipping addresses in Michigan. If you live out of state and are visiting but want to grab your order while you're in town, you can shoot us an email and we'll make all the arrangements.

Please allow 24-48 hours for processing! We don't print on the weekends (except sometimes in late Nov-Dec) so orders placed Friday afternoon may not be ready until early to mid-week. If you absolutely need it sooner, email or call first and we may be able to accommodate you.

STOREFRONT: Tues-Fri: 12pm-6pm; Sat: 9am-6pm; Sun: 11am-5pm
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