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Custom Color Printed Ties + Scarves - and now masks too!

Customization is usually a long, difficult process. Not anymore. Nope. We're here to change that. 

To make it easy for you, we've already selected hundreds of design and color combinations in our shopping cart that we know look great on everyone. However, as tie makers we know all the fun is really in the design process. You're invited to join in that process of selecting just about any print color and tie fabric you can imagine! Folks, that's meeeeeeeelions of possible combinations!

Any graphic we print. Any tie fabric we stock. Any color you want.

For only $5 more than our regular choices, you can build a necktie, bow tie, pocket square, scarf, ascot or mask in the perfect color and design combination that is unique to your style, the event you're planning, or organization you belong to.

You can choose from over 100 fabric colors, over 100 printing ink colors, six tie sizes, countless fabric choices, and over 300 graphics. The really crazy part? We'll have it out the door to you in just a couple of days. No waiting. Your time is worth more than that. Order up your own special combination right here!

Things to note:

  • Custom color orders are non-refundable and non-exchangeable. Please be sure you see our colors in real life by ordering swatches before you order!
  • Custom orders for 1-3 ties take no extra time!
  • Orders are sent by USPS First Class and Priority Mail in the US. and USPS First Class International outside the US.  For our clients based outside the US, please note that while First Class International is very inexpensive, it can take 21 business days or more in transit - so please be sure to request a shipping upgrade if you are on a deadline at all.

Choose what type of custom item you need:

custom masks
cyberoptix custom silk neckties
how to order cyberoptix custom printed neckties, regular or narrow width
how to order custom printed skinny ties, cyberoptix
how to order custom printed extra long, big and tall ties, cyberoptix
custom printed bow ties, by cyberoptix
custom printed pocket squares, cyberoptix
custom printed pashmina scarves, linen-weave, by Cyberoptix
custom printed linen neckties, by Cyberoptix
how to order custom printed traditional weight pashmina scarves, cyberoptix
how to order custom printed childrens neckties, cyberoptix how to order custom printed ascots, cyberoptix
Need 3 or more of the same printing ink + design? Check our weddings + special occasions page.

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