News From Inside the Tie Lab

A Ballsy New Design From Cyberoptix. August 5, 2015 12:44

Finally we're making some designs with balls. What?? Where is your mind?!! We're not being crass! We're talking about BASEBALL here! Our national past-time. Hot summer days! Cold beer! Hot dogs! All things right with the world!

Our Baseball Stitching printed design works well on just about any tie shape, so we're pleased to be able to offer neckties for Major League dads as well as his Little League counterparts.

Microfiber baseball neckties for adults and easy-care clip-on ties for kids, $36. 100% silk ties for adults in standard and narrow width, $45.

More of a dapper, dandy type?  We've got you!

Baseball stitching bow tie, $40. Shown here in cream, we also have bright white, platinum, ivory and champagne available too.

Real baseballs go in your glove pocket, but these can go in any pocket!

Of course we have coordinating baseball pocket squares! ($21). Not feeling a necktie, this is a perfect way to show your sporting love in style. Perhaps you're a fan of other sports?  Check out our new section devoted wholly to all things sports-themed, from cycling to marksmanship to American football, we've got quite a selection going and have many more on the way! Please do let us know if there's any others you'd like us to consider.