Can You Print My Artwork?

The cost for developing a new design, creating film positives, burning the silkscreens and doing test prints is quite expensive, time-consuming and therefore is cost-prohibitive for just one, two or a few ties. However, if you are going to need a larger amount printed (10 or more), we may be able to accommodate you!

Need more than ten pieces? Please take a peek at our Custom, Logo and Corporate Gifting page - and contact with how many ties and/or scarves you think you may need, an idea of your artwork and placement, and when you'll need them in hand. Our attentive wholesale and custom rep will get right back to you as soon as humanly possible.

Custom work will be considered on a technical case-by-case basis - single color line work works best. Please peruse our range of products and you'll see what we mean!  The look of the designs we carry is the same kind we can print for you.  We can print a single color image on a tie or scarf - meaning our silkscreen process works great for both bold and intricate line work, but not for your designs that have multiple colors or gradients. So "yes" to logos, words, line drawings and illustrations - "no" to printing paintings, watercolor illustrations, designs with more than one color in them, portraits and photographs.

Note that we can never print artwork that is copyrighted to third parties, and we will not copy someone else's design.