What is your return policy?

We will gladly refund or exchange your return-eligible order within 5 days of delivery (14 days for the EU and for winter holiday orders). Returned items are subject to a 25% restocking fee and must be unworn and in new condition with original tags. The refund amount will be 75% of the item price and will not include the shipping cost.

Is my order returnable?

If your order meets the requirements above, typically we'll accept a return or exchange but not in all cases. Here's a list of what is ineligible:

  • Custom color combinations: getting something printed in a different ink color, or special requesting a tie to be printed in the standard ink but on a different color tie than what is offered in the dropdown menu.

  • Custom designs: your company logo or artwork whether silkscreen or sublimation dyed, all AlphabeTIES products, monogram/initials sublimation dye products, any tie with a message sublimated onto the tail, products with more than one printed design on a single item or items with two or more printings of the same design.

  • Group orders: 3 or more of the same ink or product color, for example 6 Sucker ties with black ink on sage, or 4 differently colored Cherry Blossom pashminas all with orchid ink.

I've changed my mind or don't like it. How do I return an item?

To return an item, please email us. If your order is eligible for return, we'll give you our return address and a RMA number.  Send the item back to us via any shipping method you prefer and upon receipt of your order, we'll refund you. You can also return the tie to our retail storefront if you've been issued an RMA, just let us know you'll be dropping it off so store staff knows to expect you.

Can I exchange this for something else?

If your order is eligible for return, send us an email detailing what you want to return and what you'd like instead. We'll provide you with our mailing address to send the unwanted item back. When your item is received, if it's in new unused condition, we'll send you a money request via PayPal for a 25% restocking fee in addition to the cost of shipping the replacement and any increase in cost (if applicable). You may also come into the retail shop for the exchange in which case you'd be invoiced for the restocking fee but not the shipping. We regret that we can't send the replacement until the original product is back in our hands but if your order is time sensitive, we recommend placing a second order for the thing you want and we can process your exchange as a refund.

I didn't order this! You sent me the wrong thing!

If your order doesn't seem correct, send us a message with a clear photo of what you received. Any damaged items or color errors on our part will of course be replaced with no restocking fee. 

The thing I ordered arrived late and now I don't need it and I want a refund!

Unfortunately since we're not rattling around the world in little Tie Lab branded delivery vans (how cute would that be though?), we're not responsible for shipping delays caused by customs agencies or delivery companies. If your order meets the requirements to be returned, you'll receive a refund of the original purchase price minus a 25% restocking fee and the shipping, because we can't unship the package and we can't unmake your stuff. 

We are not responsible for mistakes made by the USPS or any other delivery company including packages stolen from doorsteps or mailboxes, items damaged in transit, boxes that arrive without their contents, misdirected or misdelivered packages, delayed or infrequent tracking updates, or any other sort of operational bungling including failure of the buyer to retrieve their package after it's made available for pickup. 

What about customs? Will I have to pay duty and import tax?

For our international customers, please keep in mind that any tariffs, taxes, or customs fees will be the responsibility of the buyer. The amount (if any) due is at the sole discretion of the customs agent that periodically inspects inbound parcels, we can not provide estimates.

That being said, if you're in Canada you can prepay your customs/import duty!
  • First-Class Mail International fee: $7.95
  • Priority Mail International and Priority Mail Express International fees: $9.95
Drop us an email and we can invoice you for the addition to your shipment.