A Cat in a Print Shop? Are You Crazy?!! May 21, 2015 09:22

Its no secret that we have an affinity for felines around here at the Tie Lab.  Some people ask though, how the heck can you keep a cat in a print shop?!  That's madness! Lunacy! All the printing ink! All the delicate fabric! So many opportunities for mayhem and mischief!

Well, here he is folks, at his worst.

Mr. Rozwell Pantone Grey is a very atypical cat -- he thinks he's a dog.  He doesn't climb on things, doesn't tangle with ties, and above all, strays from his luxurious coat are contained only within his beloved Darth Vader bed - never, EVER on product we ship out. With over 4500 square feet of studio space and no rugs, we're a very hypoallergenic shop, so you can rest easy that while he entertains us immensely, he won't be visiting you. We adopted him two years ago and he's been nothing but a welcome addition to our staff!