A Bow Tie for the Dapper Paleontologist. June 3, 2015 20:02

Our Dinosaur Bones Necktie is one of our best selling designs. Why didn't we have it on a bow tie? I don't know, that's pretty silly! A few weeks ago one of our customers requested a Dinosaur Bow Tie, and since we're dutiful tie-makers, it is now real -- perfect for all your fanciest natural history soirees. Dust off those bones and dress to impress at your most formal event, and impress natural history buffs at the same time. 

Many of our necktie designs translate well to other shape garments we offer, like bow ties and pocket squares. Some existing graphics work for pashmina scarves too, but often the design has to be reworked and enlarged to make sense on the much larger surface to print on. Have a favorite design only shown on a necktie? Let us know which designs you'd like to see moved to other accessories, and we'll work to move them to the front of the queue for you.