Mustang Ties for Business or Casual Wear April 2, 2015 15:33

Thanks so much to our friends at Mustang Monthly Magazine for taking the time for such in-depth coverage on our line of automotive-inspired neckwear!

"We may live in a casual world these days, but wearing a tie is far from a lost art. Besides the typical business suit needs, many wear ties with distinctive patterns/designs to express their individuality or to proudly promote their favorite brands, sports teams, television show, or hobbies. As Mustang owners we’ve been known to rock a Mustang tie or two over the years, but designs have been far and few between for us of the Ford faith. That’s quickly becoming a moot point today as the neckwear fanatics at Cyberoptix TieLab understand the need for exclusive tie, pocket square, and scarf designs for all sorts of enthusiasts and not just us car junkies. From space exploration to animals, science and technology, and music, Cyberoptix offers hundreds of designs that will tie in (pun intended!) with your favorite hobby, career, or event. Yes, Cyberoptix even has wedding packages they can create with their designs!" [Read more at Mustang 360]