Inspiration is always just around the corner in Detroit’s vibrant and growing ‘maker’ community May 8, 2015 18:39

So glad we could be part of the Model D Maker Lab event last week - thanks to everyone for coming up to the studio, The Henry Ford for organizing the event and Trinosophes for the great coffee!

"Years ago, when it started to become a thing to write about Detroit in positive terms instead of the wretched ones we all got used to, it became clear that the city wouldn’t be saved by giant conglomerations or a mega retailer or even Corporate America.

It would be saved by the makers.

A highlight of the day was going to some of these makers’ shops after the Trinosophes event (and amazing coffee). Seeing the colors, textures and sunlight streaming into the windows of Bethany Shorb’s new workplace there off of Gratiot across the street from the Eastern market area was inspiring to say the least. It’s no wonder that her Cyberoptix Tie (and Scarf!) Lab is filled with new ideas and creations; she lives and breathes Detroit’s creativity from her second-story workspace." [Read more at Detroit Unspun]