Naughty Pocket Squares. Dirty Words, Flagging-Inspired

Are your pockets dirty or just full of lint? Well they can be even filthier now. 😈 Get yourself some hotttt pockets! Cyberoptix is playing HANKY panky with subtly (and not so subtly) printed pocket squares. A riff on flagging, our community's pejoratives have been reclaimed and naughty words elevated in lovely script fonts.

Get some, they just may help you...get some! Got a boring formal event to go to, want to add a little fun to your experience? Hide it cheekily so no one knows...except maybe you and someone special later -- or wear it out loud and proud! While flagging historically took place in your back pocket, this can go right up front in your suit jacket, choose the color you want to flag with a little extra texty somethin' somethin'.

Don't see the word you identify with in our collection? Yes, we can print whatever you like for just $5 more.  This is a LGBTQIA+ safe space, you can tell us whatever you want on there, no judgement.  We're here for dapper queers of all genders who love to dress up!