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Wedding Custom Color Scarves, Traditional Weight Pashminas

$ 49.00

Select one from our 42 colors!
Select one from our 100+ inks!
Type one in from our 300+ graphics!
Please note: The wedding discount only applies to orders of 3 or more of the same design and printing ink color

Yes, this is where you order up customized scarves for wedding parties in our traditional weight pashmina fabric.

You can build a wedding scarf in the perfect color and design combination that's unique to the event you're planning. Worn as shawls or wraps, our bridal pashminas will add the perfect final touch to their elegant dresses while also making the perfect gift! Your guests will enjoy wearing them even long after your ceremony...and every time they wear them, they'll remember you and your special day.

Design Suggestions

Pashmina scarves can be hard to find in just the right color. We're here to help change that. You can see all the possible scarf graphics we can apply right here. Any questions about what design and print colors work best, please don't hesitate to contact us! See our pashmina color chart again right here.
•  vegan-safe super soft viscose/acrylic blend
•  lightweight but blocks blustery winds brilliantly!
•  generous 74" x 28" with 3" tassels on two ends
•  unisex - wearable in several configurations
42 Fabric colors 

apple, black, blush, burgundy, butter, celery, charcoal, cinnamon, citrine, cobalt, cornflower, cream, dark brown, dove grey, driftwood, eggplant, fuchsia, kelly, latte, lavender, light coral, magenta, margarita, maroon, midnight blue, moss, mustard, navy, pumpkin, purple, radiant orchid, raspberry, red, royal blue, sand, sage, sea foam, silver, sky blue, teal green, turquoise, white

100+ Printing ink colors

amethyst, antique brass, apple-lime, aqua, aubergine, black, black pearl, blue-violet, brass pearl, bright lime, bronze, burgundy, burnt orange, butter, buttercup, chartreuse, chocolate, clover, cobalt, copper, coral, cornflower, crimson, dark black pearl, dark burgundy, dark chartreuse, dark coral, dark emerald, dark grey, dark purple, dark salmon, dark teal, deep purple, dove grey, eggplant, electric blue, emerald, espresso, fuchsia-berry, ginger, glow blue, glow fuchsia, glow pink, glow violet, glow yellow, gold, golden olive, grass, green grey, hot pink, ice, ivory-cream, key lime, lavender, light coral, light pink, light sky, light violet, magenta, mahogany, marigold, mauve, mid-teal, mint, moss, mustard, muted orange, navy, orange, pale grey, pale lavender, pale sun, pea, peach, pear, periwinkle, pink, platinum, pumpkin, raspberry, red, rose, rosebloom, royal blue, rust, sage, scarlet, sherbet, silver, sky, slate, smoke, soft gold, spring green, steel, tan, tangerine, taupe, teal, tiffany, turquoise, warm cream, warm eggplant, white, yellow
Please note

Though our scarves are photographed in natural light, monitor renditions may vary. When color matching is crucial, please use our swatch service to be sure! 
If you would like help from the pros when choosing custom colors to match please email us at

You can also call 855-LAB-TIES(522-8437) during Monday-Friday 9:00am-5:00pm