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Solid Color Silk Ties, No Print. Standard & Narrow Size

$ 39.00

Select one from our 66 silk colors!

Yes, this is where you order plain, solid color silk ties, with no print at all.

Not feeling any of our over 300 designs? That's okay! This is for you, minimalist friends! No print, no snazzy fancy design, just a solid color silk necktie in your favorite color. We have most colors in standard (wide) and narrow width. Perfect for wedding parties, prom, to match the color of the club or organization you belong to...or simply something you already have in your wardrobe!


•  100% luxurious satin silk
•  batch dyed and handsewn
•  standard - 3.5" - 4" at the widest point
•  narrow - 2.5" - 3" at the widest point
•  58" long
66 Fabric colors - standard width

aqua, apple, ballet pink, black, burgundy, butter, buttercup, carrot, celery, champagne, charcoal, chartreuse, cinnamon, clover, cobalt, coral, cream, crimson, dark brown, dark charcoal, dark salmon, dark teal green, deep purple, dusty lavender, eggplant, electric blue, emerald, french blue, fuchsia, gold, gunmetal, honey, ivory, kelly, latte, lemon, light pink, neon lime, marigold, mint, mushroom, mustard, navy, olive, pale copper, peacock, periwinkle, persimmon, pink, pumpkin spice, purple, raspberry, red, rose, royal blue, sage, salmon, seafoam, silver, sky blue, spiced wine, steel, teal blue, teal green, turquoise, white

40 Fabric colors - narrow width

aqua, aubergine shot, ballet pink, black, burgundy, carrot, celery, charcoal, chartreuse, cinnamon, clover, coral, cream, dark brown, dark salmon, eggplant, emerald, french blue, gunmetal, ivory, latte, lemon, mint, mushroom, navy, olive, pale copper, periwinkle, persimmon, pewter shot, pumpkin spice, red, royal blue, sage, seafoam, silver, spiced wine, steel, teal blue, teal green
Please note

Though our ties are photographed in natural light, monitor renditions may vary. When color matching is crucial, please use our swatch service to be sure!