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Raven Ascot. Edgar Allan Poe Cravat Tie

$ 42.00

Raven Ascot. Edgar Allan Poe Cravat Tie. And the raven, never flitting, still is sitting, still is sitting...

The common raven is the largest member of the crow family and may be the most inetllegent of all birds. Like parrots, they can imitate sounds and can also be taught words.

Print falls near where the knot or bib fold would be. Printed on one side.

The ascot, or cravat, is the ancestor to the modern necktie. There are countless ways to tie an ascot - they can be tied four-in-hand as one would tie a regular, long necktie, or more traditionally with one less step, leaving the bib un-tucked - with or without a pin. It's up to you, your taste, and occasion! We've printed on one side so you can show as much (or as little) of the printed design as you choose.

Make this design uniquely yours by choosing custom ink and fabric colors.

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