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Circuit Board Necktie: "Electro" silk tie.

$ 45.00

Circuit Board Necktie: "Electro" silk tie. We've printed a limited run of ties from vintage circuit board screens. This is our 2nd in the series, no circuit bored here. (ha!)

This print extends very high up on the tie, approx. 23" (58cm) from the bottom point - perfect to be seen from under a vest or jacket.

We sleuthed the provenance of this vintage screen to the best of our knowledge. It appears this print was for part of an amplifier manufactured in the late 70s or mid-80s.

See the full story of our vintage circuit board designs - with video!

LIMITED EDITION! As is the nature of vintage silkscreens, once these screens die, that's it. (Not knowing the emulsion it was made with, they might hold up for a week, they might last for years!)


Make this design uniquely yours by choosing custom ink and fabric colors.

If you would like help from the pros when choosing custom colors to match please email us at

You can also call 855-LAB-TIES(522-8437) during Monday-Friday 9:00am-5:00pm