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Dark Silver Pocket Square. Solid Color Medium Grey Satin Finish, No Print

$ 8.50

Dark Silver Pocket Square: Solid color medium grey satin finish men's pocket square with no print. Perfect for any formal occasion! How can a medium grey pocket square possibly be hard to find? Well, those elusive hankies sure can be. Fear not, your search is over, we have everything here just for you! Plus, our prices are kind to you and your pocket.

• Color: Dark Silver.
• Pantone Match: Closely near 7540U
• Fabric: Vegan safe microfiber.
• Square Size: Measures approx. 10" x 10". 
• Finish: Rolled and zigzag stitched hem. No raw edges! 
• Care: Gently spot clean or dry clean.
• Creases and folds? Iron medium.

Many of our pocket squares match both our single necktie listings and our wedding tie packages but please note, they may be a slightly different dye lot - but that shouldn't matter as there's quite a bit of distance between one's neck and jacket pocket.