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Cthulhu Mask. HP Lovecraft fan, adjustable fabric face covering

$ 30.00


Cthulhu Face Mask. HP Lovecraft fan, fabric face cover. Fitted, Two Layer Mask. Hand Made in Detroit, USA. Ain't no one gonna mess with Cthulhu in the grocery line! Bring joy (and a bit of creepy) to the world, if you have to deal with humans.

  • NEW: Now adjustable, 1/4" elastic ear loops!!!! One size truly does fit all - if you have an itty-bitty, petite face, or an epic XXL melon or beard, our ear straps now have comfortable silicone adjusters to truly fit all.
  • Tight-weave poly exterior; soft bamboo viscose interior. Vegan safe.
  • Fabric hand-printed in-house in Detroit, MI. USA!
  • Choose with tentacular appendage or no. Sorry kids, you gotta pay for hot tentacle action!
  • Hand sewn in Detroit, MI. USA! Yes, sewn! No pre-made blanks.
  • Unisex: For men or women
  • Each is hand made one at a time. Hand sewn in-house in Detroit, USA!
  • Comfortable: Fits very closely to the face
  • Reusable and machine washable - See care instructions
Get the exact fit you want. You’ll love our new soft, silicone adjusters. These tiny little silicone doo-dads just solved many, many size problems. 🎉🏆 Now the biggest and tiniest melons can coexist in peace!

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"No problem getting people to stand 6' away with this one!" This is what it really looks like, it is really finished, sewn and not a figment of Photoshop.

Here's the deal, we all hate wearing masks, but this one's actually really comfortable. For me to say that, means a lot - it feels nice on and isn’t annoying. The interior layer is a very soft bamboo, the same fabric we use for our scarves; the exterior is a tightly woven poly that is recommended to keep moisture away and the crud out. Yep, it's a little spendy for a single mask, but there's over 2 hours of work in each to get it just right, and it's infinitely reusable!

Make this design uniquely yours by choosing custom ink and fabric colors.

If you would like help from the pros when choosing custom colors to match please email us at

You can also call 855-LAB-TIES(522-8437) during Monday-Friday 9:00am-5:00pm