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AlphabeTIES Silk + Linen Blend Pocket Square

$ 27.50


AlphabeTIES. Worst pun ever - but a perfect solution for wedding parties and keeping it personal!


Angular Block: a striking slab typeface with a graceful flare on stem ends, and a Q so beautiful it makes us want to change our names to wear it. Bold enough to be seen from across the room, but still refined.  

Cross-stitch: a nostalgic homage to the craft of cross stitch - enjoying a renaissance among design fans and crafters alike. This type is subtler overall, but each letterform creates lovely shapes even before the letter is 'read'.Shown above: white ink 'D' on champagne - bottom placement.

Art Deco: a beautiful typeface featuring the fancy curls and decorative embellishments of the golden age of design and lettering. Shown above: dark chartreuse ink 'L' on emerald - bottom placement.

Filigree Script: a baroque filigree script, re-created from an antique 16th century illuminated manuscript. As all letters were not used in the antique set, we hand-drew a few of our own to make a complete A-Z set. Shown above: silver ink 'W' on burgundy standard width - bottom placement.

Old English Blackletter: the most elegant, yet metal script ever - our favorite, most beloved font used throughout Western Europe from the 11th to the 20th centuries. Shown above: antique brass ink 'R' on spiced wine standard width - bottom placement.


Generally, you can choose Top or Bottom placement. Top placement is approximately 16" up from the bottom of the tie, designed to show under a jacket or vest. Please note that some wider Filigree font letters will not fit in the top placement. See letter maps to see if your chosen letter is wider than average.

Make this design uniquely yours by choosing custom ink and fabric colors.

If you would like help from the pros when choosing custom colors to match please email us at

You can also call 855-LAB-TIES(522-8437) during Monday-Friday 9:00am-5:00pm