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Absinthe Bow Tie, Wormwood Leaf Print

$ 40.00

Absinthe Bow Tie. Wormwood, (artemesia absinthium) is one of the primary ingredients in one of the TieLab's favorite spirits, Absinthe, commonly referred to as la fée verte - the Green Fairy. It is also used in flavoring other spirits and wines, including bitters and vermouth. 

Original illustration from a photo taken from our very own home-grown wormwood plant.

Absinthe has been implicated in artistic acts of madness and was long banned in many countries. Recent enthusiam for the spirit has prompted a re-examination of the facts, and absinthe was deemed respectable enough to pass legal muster and become popular among a new generation. Whether poured over an absinthe spoon of flaming sugar into ice or simply enjoying with a splash of water to induce the louche, there's just enough ritual and history with this drink to evoke the feeling of something special about to happen.

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