Cyberoptix antler neckties, Texas ranch wedding

Lyn + Rygh: Rustic Texas Ranch Wedding

A rustic, country, small-Texas-town wedding! This amazing couple selected a location and accessories true to the love for their home state.  Celebrating the Texas outdoors with antler print neckties, Texas-printed confections, and with some of the most well loved boots we've ever seen, you can feel the love of the couple and their surroundings radiating from every corner.

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Shown on the groom and groomsmen is a set of our Antler Print "Stag Party" Silk Neckties. Whether a celebratory bachelor, trophy husband, hunter, a lover of the outdoors, this pattern of antlers of all shapes and sizes will be the life of the party -- stag or otherwise!

Antler print wedding neckties, texas wedding, cyberoptix

This has been one of our favorite prints to customize to their wedding colors. Lynn and Rygh selected a gorgeous moss green print on dark charcoal silk for the groomsmen, and a contrasting moss on champagne for the groom. We love how they pop in photos yet don't overwhelm.  This is a print each of the groomsmen will love and wear for years to come; it will never end up stuffed at the back of his closet!

Special thanks to the wedding photographers, award-winning Bend The Light Photography, for the amazing captures of the couple on their big day!

The "show and tell" is one of the most fun parts about what we do. We love working alongside couples to help craft their perfect day through color, pattern and texture.

"All day long, you can just SEE how much Rygh loves Lyn… the way he helped her walk through fields of tall grass during photos, how he helped carry her bouquet whenever she needed it, how he walked with his hand on the small of her back… (sigh) A beautiful country bride and a true southern gentleman… it really doesn’t get much better than that."