Cyberoptix Wedding Ties: Grey Cottage Lace

Laura + Jakub, Perth Australia: An architect & designer's wedding.  

"The most important thing for us on our wedding day was making sure it reflected our personalities and choices. While we were respectful of our families wishes, we were true to ourselves through all the decisions we made, and didn’t necessarily stick with tradition if we felt it was a compromise to our own beliefs.

...Some of these things may seem small and insignificant, but it was noticed and appreciated by our family and friends, making all the effort spent in preparing all the details worthwhile."

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The first few photos show the groomsmen beginning to get ready.  The photographer catching them Youtube'ing "how to tie a tie" has to be one of our favorite moments as tie-makers!  Such a fun capture!

We customized our Cottage Lace Print Neckties for the couple's sultry, stormy grey palette. Shown on the groom is the Cottage Lace necktie in a tone-on-tone colorway: smoke printing ink on charcoal narrow microfiber. Narrow is our perfect "Goldilocks" middle tie size: Not too skinny, not too wide. Just right! His groomsmen have a coordinating tone-on-tone color also in the narrow size, with dark grey printing ink on silver tie fabric. 

silver cottage lace necktie

Special thanks to one of our favorite wedding photographers ever, award-winning Lee Griffith Photography for the amazing captures! We see a lot of pale pinks and neutrals, we absolutely love the dark and moody feel captured for his unique artist clients.

The "show and tell" is one of the most fun parts about what we do. We love working alongside couples to help craft their perfect day through color, pattern and texture.

Congrats again to Laura and Jakub. Being artists ourselves and having an affinity for the darker side of the color spectrum, we really value their intimately personal choices, from the art gallery setting, to the music selections to their pre-ceremony cocktail hour. This has to be one of the most beautiful ceremonies we've seen so far!