Wedding Scarves

Review our color and fabric type charts below to see what hues and weight match your wedding ceremony theme the best.  We have oodles of designs to suit the style and taste of just about any wedding party. Check our linesheet for scarves, to see the design outlines in black and white - no colors to distract!

It looks great when bridesmaids and groomsmen coordinate. We have countless colors of scarves, and they're just as easily customizable as our neckties! Worn as shawls at weddings, they can perfectly complement your wedding dress, your bridesmaids' dresses and even your jewelry. Our bridal pashminas will add the perfect final touch to their elegant dresses while also making the perfect gift. Your guests will enjoy wearing them even long after your special day since they look incredible with any outfit, casual or formal...and every time they wear it, they'll remember you and your special day.

A note about fabric choice: Many ask, what the heck is “linen-weave”? Our linen-weave pashminas have a slightly waffley texture to them just like linen, but they're super soft and not scratchy at all. Linen-weave is also a little lighter-weight than our warmer, traditional weight pashmina. It is perfect for all seasons, our customers love it!  Both fabrics take the printing ink very well. Our Fair Trade silk scarves are much smaller and extremely gauzey with an open weave and very light weight, they're very pretty, but not so much for keeping warm.

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