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Steel Blue Necktie. Solid Color Blue-Gray Satin Finish Tie, No Print

$ 24.00


Steel Blue Necktie: Solid color blue-gray satin finish tie with no print. This is a perfect medium-to-light-grey shade, right between a cool blue and grey. For the elegant groom, groomsman or when you need a solid, plain color tie in your wardrobe. Our ties are bias cut, hand rolled, and hand sewn with a hidden slip stitch, ensuring a perfect knot every time.

Microfiber: $24  /  100% Silk: $39

• Color: Steel.
• Pantone Match: Closely near 7543C
• Fabric: Silk or vegan safe microfiber.
• Necktie Size: Standard, narrow.
• Care: Gently spot clean or dry clean.
• Creases and folds? Iron medium.

2 Adult sizes:

Standard ~3.25” wide x 58” long. (aka “regular”/wide/traditional). This is the flagship “safe” bet, good for gifting, Dads, office dudes, & anyone but the smallest framed.

Narrow ~2.25” wide x 58” long. (aka modern cut/slim). This is the “Goldilocks” middle width that looks good on just about everyone, except the largest frames. A little younger/more fashionable. What guys often buy for themselves.