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Enigma Machine Silk Necktie

$ 45.00

Enigma Machine patent drawing silk necktie. These rotors depicted on your future neckwear are part of the device that made up both the Enigma A and Enigma G machines, stolen (and returned) some years ago from Bletchley Park. Invented by the German engineer Arthur Scherbius at the end of World War I, it was a quintessential part in secret message transmission during World War II. Mathemetician Alan Turing was the central force in continuing to break the Enigma in the United Kingdom. His effort to break the Enigma was not disclosed until the 1970s.

Original illustration. This print extends high up on the tie, approx. 17" (46 cm) from the bottom point.

Make this design uniquely yours by choosing custom ink and fabric colors.

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