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Apollo Cockpit Silk Necktie

$ 45.00

Apollo Cockpit Silk Necktie. [It's not] Rocket Science! Learn to fly the Apollo Program module simply by looking down at your tie. Granted we've taken quite a few artistic liberties by moving around the most interesting looking dials and switches to suit the vertical tie shape, so maybe to be safe, get a copy of the actual manual if you're going to fly your own reproduction moon lander. But this will sure help!

We've come upon an incredible repository of vintage declassified documents including NASA's "Command Module Main Control Panel" - from the Apollo Operations Handbook Block II Spacecraft, 1969.

One of our most detailed prints yet - enjoy!

Check out the photos of Michigan born Al Worden, command module pilot for the Apollo 15 Moon mission, wearing our Apollo Cockpit tie in red silk! We're humbled and overjoyed that he likes it.

Make this design uniquely yours by choosing custom ink and fabric colors.

If you would like help from the pros when choosing custom colors to match please email us at

You can also call 855-LAB-TIES(522-8437) during Monday-Friday 9:00am-5:00pm