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Review our color charts to narrow your choices down. You can choose colors for microfiber bow ties and kiddie ties as well as long ties in standard and narrow width microfiber as well as silk, skinny width microfiber, and XL microfiber. You can also find our color range of matching microfiber pocket squares, silk scarves, viscose pashminas and microfiber ascots - great for gift giving as well as wedding party gear. Once you've got it narrowed down to a few color candidates for your whole wedding party, you can move on to Step 2.


Choose one single design to qualify for the package discount. We have over 200 designs to suit just about any wedding party. Check our linesheet for long ties and our linesheet for bow ties to see the designs in black and white - no colors to distract!


This is where you choose your printing ink color, if you haven't already. You can go for a tone-on-tone using similar colors, or you can go for a bold contrast. All designs in a given package will need to be printed in the same ink color to qualify for a package discount. You're welcome to order a mix, but note that the discount will not apply - but we'll waive the ink change upcharge if you order a non-standard ink for a given design. If you're not sure, feel free to add some ink along with your fabric swatch order!


Don't rely solely on the colors you see on your monitor! The only way to be absolutely positive that you're getting the colors you want is to order swatches - especially important if you're matching something else. Ordering swatches is a very inexpensive way to save yourself from dropping a bundle on the wrong color combos. We cannot give refunds or exchanges for custom color ties, but swatches can help us make sure you get what you want the first time! Order them right here.


So you've got your swatches, consulted your people and you know what you want to order? Great! Time to head over to our wedding order page to make your selections!



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