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eastern market.

This is the second in our series of Detroit neighborhood and landmark-specific neckties. In tone-on-tone colors echoing the vibrant colors found in a stroll around America's largest public market. Historic Eastern Market is near and dear to our hearts - look closely at the detailed print and you can find a little star where our studio lives. The district was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1978.

Navigate your city with "Ties to Detroit." Detroit is notoriously vast and sprawling, thus maps are always necessary in hand (or around neck) -- never get lost again! Perfect for newcomers, ex-pats and long-time Detroiters alike. Map illustrations are adapted from a 1960 publication outlining the unit foot and land values for the entirety of city property before it's eventual decline.

Yhy did it take us so long to release map ties of our very own hometown? Well, we're a little tired of seeing the first thing that comes up in Google Image Search slapped on shirts and accessories too. After searching flea markets and resale shops literally for years, we finally found a stash of incredible source materials we felt proud to work with -- to make a unique design just for you. xo

This print extends very high up on the tie, approx. 18" from the bottom point; perfect to be seen from under a vest or jacket.

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Emerald microfiber - Autumn Kale.
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