Cyberoptix TieLab

about us

The Cyberoptix® TieLab was started in 2005 after noticing a void in creative yet sophisticated neckwear. We specialize in making men (and women!) of all ages undeniably presentable. We dutifully outfit gangs of groomsmen, bridesmen and ring-bearers with our very customizable color schemes.

"Made to order" doesn't mean "made to wait around!" We understand sometimes the last minute is the best minute - birthdays, anniversaries and even weddings can sneak up on you! This is our full-time gig and we both print and ship Monday-Friday. This is how we are able to offer literally thousands of color, print and size options for you, yet still keep our prices very affordable.

The Cyberoptix® TieLab was a featured Etsy seller on 5.26.08 and has been featured in many Etsy gift guides and collections since, including the recent Hunger Games and Breaking Bad themed collections from Etsy.

The Maker

I, (Bethany Shorb) was born in Boston, raised an hour from New York City and now call Detroit, Michigan home. I'm proud of and love my adopted city of over 14 years. I'm happy to see young artists and entrepreneurs making it a viable home-base for a new wave of independent, sustainable manufacturing and I'm proud to be able to give a leg up to some young artists via time in my studio.

I received a BFA from Boston University and my MFA from Cranbrook Academy of Art - although both concentrations were in sculpture, somehow making "Ties That Don't Suck" has taken over my life! In my not-so-spare time, I still explore studio art work, fashion, graphic design, photography, multimedia and music. I have a minor (ok, major) obsession with cats.

Take a sneak peek into our studio, courtesy of the kind folks at Make Magazine.

Studio Bees

There are some dedicated studio worker bees that help Bethany. Molly and Xat answer your customer service queries and process your orders. Xat and Brian hand wrap each and every one of your parcels to send out, both wholesale and retail. Johnny does the website, schedules advertising and outside sales, and handles larger custom orders. Matt looks after wholesale and consignment orders and lends his talents to the manufacture of our leather and industrial felt ties.

After over six years of printing every tie and scarf by hand (over 120,000!) Bethany is focusing on coming up with designs and sourcing new materials and product options, so she has recruited and trained studio bees Sarah and Xat to print your orders with the same care and attention you've come to expect from Cyberoptix. All hangtags are still tied in house; each and every single tie and scarf are individually ironed and heat-set for durability before shipping. Leather and industrial felt ties are manufactured on our shared laser cutter at OmniCorp Detroit, and sewn and finished in our studio in Eastern Market.


The TieLab has been featured on the Martha Stewart Show, HGTV; various design blogs such as io9, notcot, thrillist, indiefixx, indieobsession, Fabulist, The Consumerist, Uncrate and print publications such as The New York Times, The New York Times Style Magazine, Time Out New York, Time Out Chicago, Make Magazine, Details, Fiberarts, Bust, Adorn, URB, BPM, and Industrial Nation.

The Ties + The Ethics

Each necktie is unique and may have its own variation in color, density, and texture, with indications and remnants of the printing process on the reverse, further adding to its individual character. Our work is proudly made by skilled hands, not robots!

Our ties are handmade by our trusted, vetted, inspected and super awesome weaving specialists who weave the actual fabric our ties are made from (machine woven for consistency) and hand sew each and every tie. We pick threads, agonize over weave textures with their weave/color specialists, and specify our measurements and they do their magic, resulting in our beautiful bespoke ties for our printing hands. We design color lines that no one else has, in quality that we are confident in. It took us a long time to find our wonderful annex team and we love them and are so very pleased to present our hard work on the products of their wonderfully skilled team. If you'd like more info about them, please drop us a line but please don't ask us to reveal our trade sources!

In addition to the screenprinted line, our leather and industrial felt ties are made with deconstructed vintage, recycled or other sustainable materials.

We only print with high-quality waterbased inks. They’re better for the health of our shop, better for the environment, and they perform much better on fine fabrics.

Microfiber is our most common finish – why not exclusively silk? Many who choose not to consume animal products for ethical, dietary and religious reasons are concerned about the silk industry and wear nothing derived from living things. In the interest of not being exclusionary, we have decided to carry ties in silk and microfiber; and scarves in silk and viscose. We also receive frequent requests from people in touring bands where dry cleaning is not always an option, therefore making silk ties very impractical. If silk is not a practical option for you, we have many ties that will work with your needs!


"Bethany Shorb is breathing some long overdue freshness into neckties with her CYBEROPTIX TIE LAB. ...At around $40, these handmade beauties blow department store ties out of the water."
"These ties are the perfect way to say, "I'm hip, AND I have I job."
-BEN POPKEN , Consumerist
"...A fine line of beautifully darkly illustrated hand screen printed 100% charmeuse silk or poly-blend based ties."
"Who needs to wear boring old ties when you can refashion them? The ties have all been silkscreened, cut apart, riveted, and stitched to distinctly new heights."